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Binah Zing

About Binah Zing

Binah Zing’s Art stretched far beyond the canvas. As a Creative Rebel, Binah sought out to break down the conventional walls of life’s social norms, and unveil the true, raw essence of Love Unbridled. Her bold streaks of color across the blank canvas of life were filled with ecstatic prayer to See the Truth. Holding her paintbrush as a magic wand, this interdimensional creature danced, played, and sang while she worked. She was constantly brewing her art projects, and rarely left any of them “finished”. Her mantra of Life As Art echoed through the halls of her home, as she painted every wall, every door, and filled every corner with more beauty and inspiration. Her Genius was filled with ferocious devotion to live life to the fullest. Her greatest Gift was to see others for their unique genius, and bring them together in the “Synergenius Stew” to see what magic would unfold with the right ingredients added together.

OneDoorLand itself is her greatest masterpiece, a living breathing evolving Temple of Life As Art. She was a master curator of master artists and musicians, uplifting and nourishing their growth physically, emotionally, and spiritually while providing a gallery for their artistic genius to be seen by the world. Though her body is no longer with us, her soul lives on in the Dream World, reminding us that “Magic is Real” every day through the synchronicities of life. Her Transmission Art was designed to discover the Quintessence hidden in the complexity of the human story. May her Legacy of Alchemical Art continue to inspire our quest to uncover the gold within.