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Colette de Gagnier-Rettner

About Colette de Gagnier-Rettner

Artist and Design Consultant

Colette de Gagnier is a visionary artist and designer, creative consultant and coach, a writer of poetic prose, and the creator of “Gateways of the Divine: An Illuminated Manuscript for the Modern Age.”

“Every healing changes the fabric of creation. 

Those who have plunged into darkness and emerged

 from the underworld have brought back radiant fruits

 to offer all of us.  Like Persephone, we all need to carry the seeds which

 will enable us to walk more fluidly between the worlds; to share the fruits

 of our experience so we can be nourished, and give back to Life

 what it has so generously given to us.”


~ Colette 

from the Introduction to GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE