Featured Contributor - Music

David Wodtke

A man from Nunivak Island from the old days with a traditional “Maskette” that a couple of David’s tunes are named after

“I am the watcher of the stream of consciousness, the steady river of thoughts that flows through us all to produce this Creation. Take a moment now and then, even in the midst of your busy lives to watch your thoughts. The patterns that you call “bad” are those that bring you sorrow. But even that sorrow is a gift if you choose to see it. Look more deeply and you will see the details that allow you to make a new choice: A Choice of full-fill-ment, a Choice that leads you Home.”

A message from David Wodtke

As a seeker of truth, I’ve gained direct inspiration from many spiritual lineages, including Yoga, Qi Gong, Gene Keys, Hopi sacred knowledge and other shamanic traditions. One key relationship that inspires and supports me on a deep level is my relationship to the Earth. Her animal and plant communities, and interactions with the natural world bring balanced perspectives that uplift the spirit.

Using nature as my model, I’ve learned to create peaceful environments through cultivating a sacred inner and outer space for myself and for those seeking solace and healing. I have applied this model of harmony to creating peace in chaotic classrooms, to my ongoing Power of the Pause men’s groups, to full moon sharing circles, and to soothing my own soul during times of turmoil in my own life.

Through deep listening over many years, I have discovered that the animals are primary teachers and allies in opening the heart to innocence and the mind to greater clarity. From these experiences, I have developed a practice of contemplating the animal spirits to guide myself and others through life’s challenges.

The practice of choosing animals to speak for the Divine Mother, Father and Child on each new moon also led me to a healing process I call Core Awareness. I discovered this process through my own journey of healing from a severe illness where I gained greater awareness of the strength of my emotional-intuitive self.

As a Gene Keys guide and ambassador, I support men and women by creating a safe sacred space for facing the challenges of the present moment through listening deeply to our inner guidance and connecting to our source of renewed emotional strength.

For more information, contact me at www.earth-service.com