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Entheo Music

Entheo Music is featured in the Dream Arc, Seven Sacred Seals, Epiphany Experience, and many other meditations in collaboration with Richard Rudd & the Gene Keys

Conscious Music for Conscious Culture

Theo and Amma are a dynamic musical duo from Portland offering Electronic Lovestep, Ambient and Acoustic styles.

Their goal is to heal, inspire and awaken through music and presence, inviting the wisdom and beauty of life to speak to the longings in our human hearts. Entheo offers acoustic pop anthems of awakening, juicy lovestep dance music and ambient alchemy. For their live performances they will often engage spontaneous eruptions of improvisational song and theater as a way to pray, play and engage the magic of the present moment. This often catalyzes an experience of deeper connection, authenticity and joy in the space. Their hope is that you to find renewed strength to love yourself, to embrace your shadows, and to choose courage and consciousness as we flow, walk and fly through the mystery of Life.

Since 2012 they’ve released 10 ambient/downtempo albums in addition to Theo’s 2 solo acoustic albums. Theo has also had several opportunities to collaborate with spiritual teachers, like Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys, and Racquel Palmese, putting custom music to their guided meditations, adding depth and power to their potent spiritual transmissions. Click here to listen to Theo’s Meditation Music Productions 

Entheo has played at Burning Man, Beloved, Lucidity, Symbiosis and Imagine Festivals, but since their little boy Bijah came along they’ve been pulling back from touring the festival circuit and playing smaller more intimate shows