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Gergana Tabakova

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A message from Gergana Tabakova

My name is Gergana Tabakova, I am an artist and mother of two kids—a girl and a boy.

I was born in Plovdiv in 1988. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. I am a teacher of arts.

In my twenties I started to travel around Europe, I lived in 1 year Czech Republic, 2 years in Spain where I made some exhibitions and sold my arts on the streets , where I meet a lot of people. In the moment I came back to Bulgaria I discovered I have had connection with my animal Guides all the time. My guide animals appeared in the most difficult moments for me.

I meet with my Spiritual Guide—the Wolf, and my Totem animals—Dolphin, Deer, Owl, Turtle, Crow, Rhino . I started seeing all the animals in meditation, they came in to my home.Then was the time I start seeing peoples animal guides! It turned out that Animal Totems play a huge role in our lives.

My dreams helped me find meaning in spiritual Guidance. That’s how I found my Wolf totem. Our dreams very often point us to our animals, even talk to us. In my dreams I also had visions that I had to deal with making DreamcatchersMy name is Gergana Tabakova, I am an artist and mother of two kids—a girl and a boy.

My gift since then has been to help people visualize their Animal Totems! This make it easier for people to connect with their Spirit animal guides and Totem animals, with the spiritual world and with themselves! I paint pictures with individual Totems for people.

Custom Totems—Just like Each of us is unique, this how I make paintings that are individual to each person. I never give deadlines to painting the totem animals, precisely because everyone comes alone with their time so we are invited to be patient.

Each of us is different and special, it makes us unique and every animal has gifts that it brings especially for us in this life. It is important that we can hear them, see what they have to say be awake, aware and awaken your consciousness. May each of you find Your Personal Totem or Animal Guide to support you in finding your way!

They support cultivation self-improvement and capture our vibrations, giving us incredible paths for self-expression and awareness. They are like Guardian Angels that address important questions. In our lives, they help us understand the past, and if we are careful, our animal totems can reveal glimpses of our future.

By paying attention to the beings that come into our lives, we can learn great lessons and receive vital guidance.

I give energy and love to the kingdom of Animals.

Believe and Know within yourself that you are a Light!

Open your hearts and connect with the source of Love and Happiness!