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Grandmother SaSa
Swan of the North

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A Message from Grandmother SaSa

My name is Joyce Bryant, but I am known as Grandmother SaSa. My name means Swan of the North. All names have meaning and can reveal the reason for one’s birth and the work that one is to do in this Life. White and North both indicate a Keeper of Wisdom, one who holds Knowledge and Wisdom deep within their being. They are born to teach others. In the ancient Celtic traditions, a Swan was the symbol of the soul. I help to guide others in awakening the essence of who they are through the Wisdom that Life offers. I was born in Central Maine to a father of Abenaki/Scottish/Irish descent and a Japanese Mother.

As a child I realized that I had been born with the Gifts of being a seer, a dreamer and a hands-on healer. Deep within me I knew that there would come a time when I would meet a significant mentor, the Grandmother who would come to visit me in my dreams and engage me in deep spiritual conversations. That day came thirty years ago when I met Grandmother Nakai Breen (Rose of the River), a Cherokee medicine women from Texas. As we approached one another for the first time in this Life, she asked, “Where have you been for so long? It took you long enough to get here!” I spent twenty years learning from Grandmother Nakai how to remember the things I already knew and receiving new teachings from her.

Grandmother Nakai walked as a “Beloved Woman” of the People. Over twenty years she helped me to remember to search for and practice the gifts that I was born with so that one day I could use these gifts to help “Heal the Healers.” A vision was given to me in which I was shown a building and land located on the Bear Camp River, and this vision is now a reality known as “The Rose and The Swan” Healing Center in West Ossipee, New Hampshire. “The Rose and The Swan” is operated solely by donation. No one would ever be turned away.

We live in a time of great awakening, a time when global prophecies would be shared with the masses. A time when Indigenous Elders and other Wisdom Keepers would once again share the Wisdom of our potentials and our origins. We are in a time of re-balanc- ing, and bringing the Divine Feminine back to Her place of honor within the Human Mind. It is a time of bringing about the end of global inequity and reestablishing the dignity of all Life on this Beautiful Mother Earth. This information had been kept secret and withdrawn from Humanity until such time as we were evolved enough to use this information with Integrity, so that we might evolve into our Higher Potentials. We are now in this time of great change. We are in a time of awakening. I work globally with other Grandmothers and Wisdom Keepers, who are also helping to usher in this change. I am here to re-awaken the Spirit of Humanity, as part of Creation’s Design.

About Grandmother SaSa

Grandmother SaSa has traveled the globe, meeting and teaching with other Grandmothers, Elders and Spiritual Leaders from around the Globe. She is part of the Crystal Earth Project, a global project facilitating the planting of Crystal Earth Seeds that help to reawaken the planetary grid and the Wisdom of Mother Earth so that it might be more fully accessible to Human Consciousness. Grandmother SaSa can be heard and/or seen on The Shift Network, Sounds True and Empower Radio.