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Huna Flash

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About Huna Flash

Born of the Ancient Ma Ori Navigators Lineage, in New Zealand on Feb 3rd 1964, at the age of 7 years he had awoken to his remembering, to the speaking, to the vibration frequency and energy. Nurtured by his elders and culture at home in his sacred longhouse and canoe, he was recognized as one who is ready to receive the initiations to the knowings and wisdom of the unknown.

In 1986 he was initiated to Tohunga/Huna by the late Great Maori Prophet Arekahanara Piripi To Pani Ariki 0 Manuariki and began his life into service of much higher vibrations. Having completed his studies at the Mystery School of the Special Bird, Huna Mauta began service at home and then eventually around the world.

Now internationally recognized and respected, he has been the lead navigator of countless high value missions including the Paradigm Convergence 11,11,11 in Jerusalem 2018, the Ancient Ancestors Assembly in the Black Forest of Switzerland Germany 2017, Countless Healing Sessions in Native American Communities and all Communities over 3 decades.

Having completed a 33 Day Tour of the EU including 7 Countries this past June 2019, he continues his walk on earth to share the Calendar of First Light and the Uniscope of Ways. Known as the Keeper of the Great Seal of Kunnara, he takes his Seat at the Southern Star, Seat 1 of all Sectors, Ma Ha Ka Wa Ta Hi.