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Ilan Shamir

About Ilan Shamir

In 1992, Scott Alyn’s life took a turn. He was struggling with work and the important relationships in his life. Looking for guidance, he felt the deep-ridged bark of a more than one-hundred-year-old cottonwood tree and thought, “I need your help . . . Can you give me some advice?” That was the day he discovered his own True Nature. Scott changed his name to Ilan Shamir, which means “protector of the trees”, and founded Your True Nature to help others seek some well-needed advice. 

With his unique drumming and storytelling, Ilan Shamir has presented over 250 programs nationally and internationally for a variety of audiences. Programs include Living Your True Nature, A Thousand Things Went Right Today! and Developing Sustainable Products and Companies. 

Ilan Shamir has been featured in over 100 major print and broadcast media including The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, London Times, Washington Post, National Public Radio-All Things Considered, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Entrepeneur Magazine, Success Magazine, and John Naisbit’s-Reinventing the Corporation. He is a member of the National Speakers Association, National Association for Interpretation and the National Storytelling Network.


Ilan Shamir founded Your True Nature, but it all began and continues to flourish through his deep roots in artistic expression. 


“My gift of healing comes from a deep and lifelong journey of discovering and living my true nature and expressing that in a variety of ways in service to the earth and my community. I live a life of success and balance and bring a unique and insightful blend of healing, ceremony, nature connection, adventure, creativity and business. These very different  and powerful modalities combine in service to you and humanity. My background and experiences encompass such a broad range and give me both the spiritual and practical tools to assist you.”