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Jan Kasparec

A Message from Jan Kasparec

Hi, I’m Jan Kasparec  It’s Wonderful to Meet You.

Having visited more than 100 countries, I am truly blessed to have seen the world through the eyes of so many people. My travels have opened my mind and creativity by empowering my spiritual self to express itself through culture, words, and of course, art.

I was born in the Czech Republic and began my career in art at the age of 8. In 2004, while studying in Paris, I began to seriously explore oil painting. After taking plein-air and figurative courses with renowned professors of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, I started finding my own style, while mostly dedicating myself to outside plein-air studies and larger studio paintings of Old Prague and European landscapes.

Throughout my journey, oil has remained my main medium, but I’ve never stuck to a singular theme. The world is too big and complex to limit myself like that. Currently, I find joy creating bodies of work focused on Vancouver urban and natural landscapes, unconventional Buddha and spiritual paintings, surrealism and magical realism.

Painting is my way to manifest the beauty of Creation. Painting is my gateway to Presence, the narrow door which takes me beyond the thinking process and ego, its constant dissatisfaction, projection into future or past. Painting is my teacher of unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude and compassion. It is only in a space of no desire, no mind goal, no purpose other than to express my true creative essence, that a beautiful artwork can be created. Painting is teaching me to be authentic and drop all the masks and roles society taught me.

If I made your mind stop for a moment, if I made you feel good while looking at my paintings, then you have come back home, and all my efforts were worth it.