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Jane Adams

Jane Adams is featured in the Dream Arc, Dare to be Divine, and poetry book "Spring of Dreams"

A Message from Jane

My profile is 14 January 1949 

(61/62.4, 32/42.6:  2.3, 10.4, 19.1, 64.5, 34.2, 11.3, 38.5)

The Gene Keys!  Terma.  In early childhood I was fascinated with jewels, flowers and the fairy queens who wore them.  What do I now understand by Terma?  Terma is an ancient, timeless Treasure.  It was embedded in our elemental nature by the wisdom of great sages in esoteric traditions, such as Padmasambhava.  I imagine these gems of Light placed within the rock strata of caves and within the crystals of snow and water and within the living paths of the heart.  Each time we find or are given one, we regenerate its eternal Life; we become and carry onward that Life.  

This concept among so many in Richard Rudd’s transmission, I find perennially inspiring.  Each Gene Key is a Terma, and we as individuals carry them into our creative combinations. 

An artistic gift or prodigy is a Terma carried over from work done before.   I was born with mine and had the good fortune to be raised on farms in remote open country: the beautiful landscapes of Britain.  I began to draw full time at four years old, and to do creative writing at seven.  My parents gave me lots of growing-space; my early inspiration came from Renaissance masters, and I was nourished also by the stresses within my parents’ relationship.  I have a sister and a brother.   Later I was mad about horses, and in my teens I drew my first big project – now called “the Reckless Fruit” a series of charcoal sketches of the 1960s beat scene. 

The “human landscape” led me always, and in my 20s I became a portrait artist.  I have painted many hundreds of portraits of children and their families; I completed one Royal commission and a series of Army portraits.  

I never completed any formal training in art or in esoteric practice.   The Wisdom did not allow a conventional path.  In my late thirties – 1986-1989, the time of Harmonic Convergence – there was a creative breakthrough; the inner life flowered as I wrote and drew, and led me directly to its sources in Kabbalah, hermetic alchemy, astrology, and Ramana Maharshi in India. 

The beauty of these shapes and designs was recognised later (2014) in the Gene Keys – again bringing everything together in the One.  I began a Gene keys diary and took some years to familiarise with all 64 in the book.   I have long intuited that “the future human being” (19, my EQ) evolves a special symbiosis with the animal kingdom.

On becoming aware of the Dream Arc transmission, it fell into my lap and I was led to create 64 contemplations around the year, with around 200 new paintings and deep insights as they arose.  It began at New Year January 2020 – an extraordinary moment for me as the Pluto Saturn Sun conjunction in Capricorn fell on my birthday.   In my home with the lockdowns, the time of Corona was a creative dance of Siva, during which I fell in love with Meher Baba and Sufism.

This “artist way” account leaves out the rough and tumble of life and a steep graph of relationships and love affairs through which I learned the most.   I have a daughter Marisa, now in her 45th year; sometimes we go indoor rock-climbing together.  For me as a Capricorn with 34, 11 and 38 in my Pearl, climbing develops awareness and poise in movement and balance – like a dancer.   Esoteric traditions nowadays insist on embodiment.  In the present chaotic times through the Great Change I feel the Wisdom’s ever increasing intimacy with our Earth.  Light and dark is the play of lucidity. Through great pressure we humans grow and the Love expands.

I began to work online in 2012.

My websites are:



https://therecklessfruit.wordpress.com (two parts)


Published work: The Sacred India Tarot (collaborated with Rohit Arya), Yogi Impressions 2011 and The Dreamer in the Dream (collection of short stories), Zero Books, 2012

The vision for our humanity in 55, the Dragonfly’s Dream is home grown.