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Karin Von Daler

About Karin Von Daler

Hi, I’m Karin. I’m here on earth to help sensitive people – including myself – heal and express themselves through their natural creativity. My artwork springs from dreams and visions and invites you on an inner journey that reflects and illuminates your nature, soul, and spirit.

I’ve loved helping other people express and understand their feelings ever since I was six years old and set up shop under a chestnut tree in the Frederiksberg Gardens in Copenhagen. I envision and long for a world where everyone remembers how to heal themselves and their relationships through their own, natural imagination and artistic creativity.

Would you like to own a particular art piece that sings to you? You can order your custom-made, limited edition sustainably printed and framed piece right here in my webshop: https://karinvondalerhealingartsstudio.com/ 

Thank you!

With love and imagination,