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Karla Refoxo

Photo by Lubosh Cechof

A Message from Karla Refoxo

My long spiritual journey has manifested as many and varied offerings—artist, sacred jewelry designer/ business creator, oracle deck and book creator, yogi, pilgrim, Plant spirit medicine healer, Dreamtender, oracle reader and Ancestral Medicine practitioner.  Lacing them together has been a gradual and guided process, as one doorway leads me to the next and new ones open. I feel most certainly compelled by the ancestors and by divine in all things, and these are the places they have led me.

Art making has ever been my way of expressing a rich inner world. Soul has always been the oceanic undertow, and Spirit the owls wings. Allowing an oracular kind of creation to unfold through color and form is the giving birth I have experienced and the children I nourish. Inspired by nature in all her forms the palette is infinite. Dreams, sacred sites, the land and ancestors are the ones who tell me what to do. One of those things they told me to do was make amulets. In the old way, in the talismanic tradition of embodied support, alchemy and magic.”

Curious about the jewelry?  tulkujewels.com 

Want to see the deck? tulkuoracle.com

I currently reside and treat people in the beautiful mountain community outside of Boulder—Jamestown, CO.