Featured Contributor

Laura Davies DC, PhD, AFMCP

In the short interview, I share some of my personal story and how I integrate and apply my therapeutic skills to restore regulation to the nervous system. 

About Laura Davies DC, PhD, AFMCP

By combining her skills and experience as a Chiropractor, Functional Medicine practitioner and Polyvagal informed therapist, Laura offers a unique evidence-based therapeutic approach underpinned by sensitivity and attunement to support and guide towards health and well-being. With particular emphasis on restoring regulation and building resilience of the nervous system, Laura brings insight to navigating and befriending this keystone of health by providing practical tools to cultivate and embody the experience of safety and connection with ourselves, others, the world, and spirit.

“One of the most important pieces in my health journey has been the fact that we cannot achieve lasting healing unless our nervous system is in a state of regulation. I struggled for many years trying to override what I now understand was my nervous system being stuck in an almost constant survival state. This felt “normal” and it was only when I started to apply the tools acquired from Polyvagal theory that I experienced increasingly prolonged periods of what it actually feels like to move though life with a sense of safety and connection, as opposed to experiencing everyday stresses as overwhelming or even life-threatening. This was a revelation! Of key importance is to understand that the entirety of our being is impacted by the nervous system – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Learning how to befriend our nervous system not only expands our capacity for health, but also crucially for personal growth and connection.”

~ Laura Davies