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Malene Utzon

About Malene Utzon

Malene has worked as a Psychotherapist and Coach for individuals and couples for more than 30 years. She has studied in England, Germany, US and Denmark and is certified as a Psychotherapist, Master Coach, Healer, Meditation Teacher, Trauma Therapist and Enneagram Practitioner. For the last 15 years, Malene has travelled in the Universe of the North American Indians through Red Lodge, Journey to Mastery and Soul Quest with RainbowHawk and WindEagle, and she applies the methods in her work with clients. Malene has taught native American tradition in Vehoma for two years.

About Vehoma:
Co-led by Steen Ruby and Malene Utzon

Building Personal Leadership with Coherence

Whether you are the leader of yourself or influencing others, this program is here to empower you to stand in your true integrity, with a raised head and a straight back. To Stand Tall!

The Stand Tall program is designed for (Danish-speaking) people who are ready to commit to a profound personal growth process.

This two-year program includes:

  • A High Ground stage, focused on the integration of personal leadership skills
  • A Shadow Work stage, focused on the understanding and liberation from personal shadow patterns

Throughout this experience, you will learn to:

  • cultivate your inner leadership as well as the ability to awaken the leadership in others
  • bring your personal energies and universal energies into greater alignment
  • be the author of your own life
  • enjoy and support others as you journey together
  • see yourself and your old patterns with new eyes,
  • experiencing many ‘a-ha!’ moments
  • allow nature, the elements and the wisdom traditions from indigenous cultures to inform your personal growth process
  • integrate knowledge from Scandinavian relationship training and modern business management