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Marilee Aronson

A Message from Marilee

I am a spiritually–oriented licensed clinical psychologist with experience in community, university, nonprofit, residential, international and private practice settings.  My base is in Washington, DC, and I provide telehealth services as well.  While I work with a wide range of issues, my clinical specialties include life transitions and spirituality, cross-cultural dynamics, mind-body wellness, gender identity and sexuality, addiction recovery, depression and anxiety, and trauma and EMDR.  I have a long-term commitment to the mentorship (supervising, mentoring and teaching) of graduate students, early career therapists and nonprofit agency staff.  I am passionate about integrative areas of inquiry, and it is my intention to synthesize experiential and academic learning in my writing projects and presentations.

My degree specialization in multiculturalism has deeply acquainted me with human reactions to “difference” as well as to the universal aspects of human experience.  It has led me to explore our country’s unique relationship with diversity and to examine the types of interactions that best facilitate cross-cultural understanding.  My interest has exposed me to an incredibly wide range of life experiences both domestically and abroad.  I’ve been actively engaged in international nonprofit development, consultation and youth work; and I have a longstanding affinity for African and African American cultural arts and community.  My thirst for cultural immersion has led me on international travel excursions including an almost year-long “off the grid” adventure in India and Africa.  

I have profound respect for the power of movement, energy work and indigenous approaches to healing.  I received my RYT 200 Sattva Yoga Teacher Training Certification in June, 2014, and completed the Sattva Yoga Masters Teacher Training in November, 2016 — both in India. I also completed two Vedic Astrology intensives with Anand Mehrotra, the founder and master teacher of Sattva Yoga and Sattva Yoga Academy.  It is a privilege to shine the light of Jyotish and help illuminate people’s soul journeys through Vedic Astrology readings.

“I understand how people who know themselves well and have done years of self-work can still find themselves tired of repeating the same old patterns, hurts and frustrations.  I also know how people who are spiritually open and even well-versed can struggle to actualize their spiritual values in their everyday life.  I get it!  It is my greatest joy to empower people to come unstuck and accelerate their healing; live into the changes they wish to see in their relationships, careers or health; and truly embody freedom and spiritually-aligned living.”