Featured Wisdom Keeper

Mbali Marais

About Mbali Marais

Mbali is a global medicine woman and wisdom keeper, initiated stick diviner in the Dagara tradition. Her journey originated in South Africa where she was born. She is descendant of a Khoi Khoi female healer as confirmed by Credo Mutwa and has recently been accepted as a daughter of the AmaGhebe clan from Xhosa tradition in rural Eastern Cape. She is an initiated Igqira (Indigenous Healer in the Xhosa tradition) her ancestors are also French Huguenots, Bushmen, Dutch and Portuguese. 

Our Divine Medicine is the remembering of the medicine we carry to heal ourselves. It is our unique gift, the gift to share  with the world. That is divine work. The old ones believe we come into to the world with medicine, a purpose. We are alight when we are living our life fully by igniting our creative fire. The community thrives when we offer our gifts and talents for the greater good of all beings.” 


 Modern-day initiations such as loss of a partner, home, self-worth, identity and illness, cause us now, more than ever, to live with fear, and uncertainty.  Self-help methods have been exhausted and we feel betrayed and immobile, no longer willing to take risks. We have become disconnected from our source, and each other and we have forgotten the work we came here to do. The result is a spiritual homelessness and a fear of the unknown.

Medicine abounds everywhere, we only need look up to see the sign from the hawk or down to see the ant,  the healing of a plant, the message in the wind or a thunderstorm. What is calling us to wake up?