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Melanie Hutton

About Melanie Hutton

Melanie Hutton, M.A., is a Spiritual Psychology practitioner, and has worked with private clients for over 25 years in a variety of transformational modalities. She  incorporates cognitive psycho-emotional and psycho-spiritual models to help clients explore their innate wisdom as well as the blocks to living a sustainably joyful and meaningful life. She is committed to helping people realize their deepest Integrity and a state of Being that embodies happiness, purpose and peace.    

“It is very simple.  We are here to be fully empowered microcosms of the Whole.  The only way we will actually see the world change is by refining our own Being to reflect the exact qualities and intentions that we want to see in our world.” 

I am passionate about assisting people to find the most Truthful, Courageous, Creative, and Joyful connection within themselves. A life of Personal Integrity. It’s a deeply powerful and satisfying place to live. I know that when we come into our deepest integrity, we naturally care for and respect ourselves, we enjoy ourselves immensely, and we enjoy the world around us. And I don’t know a better way to create a better world than to show up every day with a self-generated wellspring of potential, an engaged vision, a generous spirit, and an awareness of the vast resources inside us with the intelligence to fulfill all of our life’s dreams.

I have spent over thirty years directly involved in a variety of therapies, psychology, metaphysics, communications, the musical creative arts and production, and my own spiritual quest. I deeply believe and have experienced that our humanity is directly connected with our true nature, and that we can pursue this synthesis in grounded, responsible, and creative ways that optimize our ability to thrive. Assisting people to awaken to their innate joy and power, to take responsibility for their lives, and to fulfill their lifelong dreams is very important to me. We are in exciting and complex times, and much is being asked of us. I know that we have what it takes to create the world we want, for all generations, and all people.

My vision is a world where people are so deeply attuned to their own life force and passions that they automatically create a better world.