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Patricia Rojas-Zambrano

A Message from Patricia Rojas-Zambrano


Expressive Arts Therapist

I am a psychotherapist with the sensitivity of an artist, and the curiosity of an anthropologist, trying to understand the intersection between the social and the individual. 


A passion for social justice, self-discovery and art making fuels my life. I get to season it with travels, within and without. I have kept a journal on and off since I was 12 years old and have been art journaling since I began graduate school in 1999.  It was a school assignment and being the good student I was I took it on with passion. It grew on me and became a regular practice. 

My art journals are my playgrounds, my oracle, my shoulder to cry on, my way of keeping track of my life and reflecting back to me that which I do not yet know or understand about myself.  I censored my creative expression for many years of my life and art journaling was the key that opened the door to overcoming those blocks and finally giving myself permission to be myself.  I believe that creativity is meant for all and whether it’s through the visual arts, written or spoken word, dancing or whatever it is that one does, it keeps the spark of life alive.