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rachamana rivkeh

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A message from rachamana rivkeh

This “i” that is hostess to the “I AM” that comes through me…

… was born in 1947

… struggled to fit into a mainstream, political and intellectual East Coast family

… “dropped out” of mainstream culture in the 60s

… became a “flower child”

… was given a life-saving buoy by my first spiritual teacher (assuring me I was not crazy)

… became blown open to the Divine Feminine through giving birth and nursing

… found my way into an ashram for 25 years

… fell in love with the Dances of Universal Peace

… became an interfaith minister

… studied Aramaic in order to figure out Jesus’s message before it went through four linguistic alterations

… dove into the Dances of Universal Peace

… continued to find support through Sufism

… and finally settled into chanting and praying Hebrew prayers, thanks to Jewish Renewal (revivifying my maternal Jewish lineage)

I continue to adore the archetype of the Divine Feminine, as Her altar includes every aspect of who we are and Life as it is, plus our limitless potentiality. She guides us with such sweet strength and scrumptuous vigilance as we collectively become “the Deity of We” (and all that that could possibly mean to you and to us all).

Grateful to be part of a community of co-arising souls, open to the ever-present magic of mystery and miracle.