Universal Love Alliance Uganda is realizing its dream of bringing positive social and cultural change in Uganda. Its committed team focuses on empowering vulnerable women, children, sexual minorities and refugees. Universal Love Alliance is also partnering with the Gene Keys, Rosy Aronson and her sister, Marilee Aronson, on the creation of a Universal Love Curriculum for children and youth in Uganda and beyond. More to come!

About Samson Turinawe

Samson is the Executive Director of the Universal Love Alliance, a human rights grassroots organization in Uganda.

A humanitarian, educator and human rights defender, Samson believes that “every human being should be respected simply for being who they are, a part of Life’s creation.”

Tolerance, inclusiveness, love, compassion, dialogue, and reconciliation are all central themes in his work. Through his teaching and activism, he emphasizes that “ignorance can be defeated through education, poverty through hard work and possession of capital, and internal schisms and separatism through unity.

Samson is working for a new generation — one that is open-minded, open-hearted, diversity-embracing, and committed to serving all of humanity.