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Miriam Stuckmann & Don V. Lax - Soul Music Journey

About Miriam Stuckmann

“I open softly and creatively expand in mundane expressions, through and beyond them, into the realms of the extraordinary. In this innovative focus on new forms of crystalline-consciousness-creation that embrace all that life in the moment offers, I experience gracefulness & merging of all aspects of my being into the simplicity of life itself, carried by the music to which we add melodies so devotedly. Let me melt into grace and gift you with the quintessence of omniscience!”  

Miriam Stuckmann works as an intuitive healer, author & medium. She has been channeling messages & fairy tales from the animal kingdom since childhood. With her four children & her pets, she lives in Germany, in the countryside, near to Bremen.

Born in Germany, but raised as an adoptive child with Asian roots, she has a deep understanding and compassion when it comes to insecurities, fears and separation trauma caused by unexpected loss, migration or long-term homelessness.

Her methodology is unique and always adapted to the individual need of her counterpart; she has many years of practical work as a counseling therapist for client-centered therapy according to C. Rogers, is trained in trauma therapy (EMDR/Reddemann) and has successfully integrated therapy animals into her work.

As a highly sensitive woman with kinesthetic perception, pausing and contemplating represent important cornerstones of their self-care in their everyday life.

Since summer 2019, Miriam decided to allow more space for her art and work as a medium. She has participated in various courses and online retreats of the Gene Keys Community in the broadest sense and has discovered her ability to incorporate healing frequencies into her work with music & meditation.

In artistic collaboration with Don V. Lax, the so-called “Soul Music Journeys” were created. Enjoy these beautiful pieces of music, each containing an individual healing transmission, especially tailored to a theme or the recipient.

About Don V. Lax

Don V. Lax has been playing violin and writing poetry since the age of 5. His music is influenced by a background of classical training in European conservatories, combined with multi-cultural and musical experiences ranging from Indian raga to Italian progressive rock. His empathy and deep spiritual practice open the way for spontaneous creativity to respond in the moment to each musician and audience with whom he’s interacting.

“I play music from the heart. Whether it’s Bach or Rock, Gypsy or Jazz, what I want to convey is the passion underlying the notes- the soul of the music.”

Don has been clairaudient since childhood. This means that he has the ability to listen to a person, animal or nature and play that individual and unique music.

In a soul song reading, Don will tune in to your personal soul essence. He will then channel that into a song expressing your Soul. Also a soul song journey is possible, that allows the soul to lead the music on a dream or vision quest.