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Tracy Collins

About Tracy

Earth Elegance by Tracy Collins is a luxurious, wearable art line that celebrates a womanʼs inherent sensual connection with the Earth. “When we respect the body as the temple of spirit, Earth consciousness and the sacred feminine are one,” says Collins.

Her adornments and clothing designs are crafted with hand-painted silks, natural fiber knits, leather, velvet, and feathers as well as gemstones, shells, pods, fossils, and vintage objets dʼart. Collins also creates interior functional art, including lamps, mask sconces, window treatments, land-based installations, and ceremonial tools.

Since 2000, she has brought her artistry to costume design for the New Mexico film union, aging and dyeing materials to create authentic patinas as well as craft specialty pieces for various feature films. As a life-long dancer she pioneered a conscious dance community in Santa Fe, Embodydance, which continues to thrive after more than 20 years.

Collinsʼ wearable art, adornments, signature pieces, and interior functional art embody the nature-based power for which she’s known. “I harvest locally in the surrounding wilds,” says Collins, who also integrates treasures collected from her travels. “My intention is to heal the separation of spirit and matter and restore sacredness to our collective being.” Collins lives in Tesuque, where she is nourished, fortified, and sustained by the ancient lands of New Mexico. She adds, “Mother Earth is a sentient being. With the gift of life comes the responsibility to respect, honor, and protect precious life on this planet.