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Wave Walker

About Wave Walker

Wave Walker’s lineage is of the Tonges Tribe, which is part of the Tlingit Nation. His language is the Tlingit language (natively Lingít, pronounced [ɬɪ̀nkɪ́tʰ]), in which the name means “People of the Tides.”

The Tlingit originated on the West Coast of Alaska in 1799 and are still there to this day. Wave Walker’s great grandmother, the Tribal Princess, moved to Vancouver Island in 1888. His mother was born in 1905, and became hereditary Princess, following her mother, grandmother and great grandmother. (as the first daughters)

Wave Walker was born in Port Hardy in July of 1927, and he was always very close to his mother. He is a shaman-healer who walks the path of Peace, Love and Harmony with Bear and Raven by his side. He has walked with them for countless lifetimes, and is deeply grateful for their guidance and spirit connection. Wave Walker, Bear and Raven embody Peace, Love and Harmony and together, they offer these to our troubled world.

Wave Walker and his lovely wife Carol have lived on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia (on the west coast of Canada) for about 50 years. (She is a 3rd generation native of the island) Wave Walker’s mother spent her last 18 years living on Salt Spring Island as well…she died in 1990, at the age of 84, and is still very present with him.