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A message from William Sebrans

“Henceforth, I seek not good fortune. I am myself good fortune!” 

~ Walt Whitman



I started out as a child, and relatively clear about things.

Thereafter, the vicissitudes of the yet untraveled road, common to all young drivers, led me to some predictably conventional and other decidedly out-of-the-way places . . .

Northwestern University, B. A in something or other . . .

Guitar teacher & studio musician, three years . . .

Overseas rambling and working: Norway, Europe, Israel . . .

Joined a Gurdjieff-influenced spiritual group at age 26 and plowed those fields for 25 years, navigating the terrain of a consciousness teaching. I would call the journey exalting, strange, confounding, disappointing, uplifting— and in sum, usefully formative.

Worked as a search consultant/recruiter for the technology world. Specialized in finding the uber-creative engineer poets that breathed life into Adobe, Apple, and other nutty, arty tech companies. 

Had my own search firm for 11 years, based out of alluring Sausalito, California, marinating in the lessons of entrepreneurship and business leadership.

Made enough $$ to get relaxed for a while — too relaxed it seems, and ventured back into the doing mindset, when during the mid-90s I rebooted in the then-fledgling professional coaching field, getting trained, and then mentoring others.

Like many who entered the field as early-adopters, I discovered that had I always been something of a coach— an encourager, prodder, provocateur, evocateur, and agent of subversive uplift.

The study of planetary influence, aka Astrology, had been one aspect of the Gurdjieff teaching. I went further into it in the form of astrological studies with various teachers during the ’90s and during the coach years.

I found it to be a remarkable lens for identifying the gifts and challenges of clients and firms, as well as keeping me radically a-Mused and usefully tormented. Have been at it for 25 years.

I currently serve as Director of Publications for OPA, the Organization for Professional Astrology, where we put out a rather splendid quarterly journal.

Enter Human Design, a revealed synthesis (credit: Ra Uru Hu) that integrates astrology, I Ching, DNA, Kabbalah, and the Hindu chakra system and which found its way into my cosmic sleuthing mind in 2007.  I went at it like a mad dog, given its profound revelations and parallels to Gurdjieffian ideas.

The evolutionary iteration of Human Design in the Gene Keys (thank you, Richard Rudd) brings a poetic and contemplative sensibility to the hard mechanics of HD in ways that suit my heart and understanding…

…which brings us to… NOW …and which is incidentally where we started.