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 Activation Sequence calls for anyone who has purchased the on-line Activation Sequence course. Whether you are brand new to the Golden Path or a returning voyager looking to jump-start your contemplations, these Q&A sessions are here to support and inspire your journey. 

These 90-minute events are an opportunity to bring your Hologenetic Profile and ask questions from experienced hosts, Tanmayo & Elijah. The goal is to bring the wisdom of the Activation Sequence alive and share in the rich field of group contemplation together. Come join our journey into Genius, as we decode the algorithms of higher purpose together!

All questions will be submitted live via the Q&A box inside the Zoom Webinar. These calls will be recorded and available for replay.

Want to receive email reminders about future Activation Sequence live events?

Live Events Notifications (Dancing Genius)

Event Schedule

October 11th at 20:00 UTC

Your Time Zone:
2022-10-11 20:00 UTC

These particular events are focused on the Activation Sequence. We welcome answers from newcomers and returning voyagers alike! We will share how to best orient newcomers to how the Activation Sequence works, and where to find helpful resources inside the course and beyond. 

We will also explore specific questions about your Gene Keys, your profile, and your life. If you are facing a particular challenge, or would like support or inspiration in how to contemplate your specific Gene Key & Line, we can explore this together during the live session. Though we cannot answer every person's question or specific Line/Gene Key combination, we are going to offer some live examples to help model the Gene Keys approach and inspire you along your self-illuminating voyage. 

We will keep all questions to the Activation Sequence specifically. We may host similar Q&A sessions for other Gene Keys programs in the future. This is designed to help newcomers and those who are actively working on the Activation Sequence course have a place to explore. 

Not all questions can be answered inside the time of the live event. However, many people have found these Q&A sessions to be very supportive to their own contemplative process even if their personal question was not directly responded to. In a collective contemplation, you may find many synchronicities arise that help direct your own introspective journey. 

These sessions are not about providing you with the answers to life. They are about igniting the process of Inquiry & Contemplation with the spirit of Gentleness & Patience. We are here to model the Gene Keys approach as an inspirational spark for your own journey. 

We will be happy to help newcomers orient to how these teachings work, and how they can be applied into your own personal life. The practice of Inquiry is a profound art, and this is a place to practice together. Even if you don't feel satisfied with "an answer",  you may find clues that point you to discovering this truth for yourself!

At this time we will only be responding to the live Q&A questions submitted via the Zoom Webinar. We may implement a feature in the future to submit questions ahead of time. 

Yes! You will learn more about the replay on this page, after the live event ends. Or you can sign up to email notifications using the form at the top of this page!

Unlike our virtual retreats, there is no ongoing commitment or additional cost to attend these events. These live Q&A sessions are an offering to our community, especially newcomers, to help orient them into the Activation Sequence course and deepen their contemplative practice.

It is not required to attend all three events. But if you find these sessions supportive, you are welcome to join them all. 

No, this is a webinar-style event. Only the panelists will be visible on screen. Those attending inside the Zoom Webinar will have access to a Q&A box, and can submit their questions that way. If you are watching the "view-only" version, you will not be able to submit questions to the Q&A box. 

There are no breakout rooms in this live event. If you want to engage in Community Calls, you may be interested in joining a "Deep Dive Virtual Retreat". There is a Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat planned for November 2022, so stay tuned for more information.

There are 500 seats available in the Zoom Webinar where participants are invited to submit to the Q&A box and chat room. This is on a first-come-first-serve basis, due to Zoom room limitations. 

If the Zoom Webinar fills to max capacity, everyone can still watch from the view-only stream embedded on the Event page. You won't have the same chat / Q&A functions as the Zoom webinar, but you will still get to join with us live and watch the event. 

This is the easiest method we have found to ensure a reasonable size for submitted questions, and still provide access to as many Gene Keys community members as want to watch live. 

A replay will be available after the live broadcast ends. 

This call is a great opportunity for newcomers to engage with experienced hosts as they discuss parts of the Activation Sequence with other participants. 

These live events are free to anyone who has purchased the Activation Sequence online course. This way the event can be focused on the Activation Sequence content specifically, and be of support to both new and returning voyagers.