Dare to be Divine

An immersion in the field of the 64 “Siddhis” – the future consciousness of Humanity

This 4-part online program offers a unique insight into the true magical roots of the universe. Richard Rudd takes us on a guided journey through the 64 expressions of enlightened consciousness and reveals a vast view of the true potential of humanity.

Using his mystical, poetic insight, Richard shows us the many facets of enlightenment in its varied colours, expressions and hues, from the wildest states of miraculous God-intoxication to the humblest lives of service and silence.

Dare to be Divine is far more than spiritual voyeurism however, for woven into it is a powerful embodiment technique. Through 16 archetypal ‘Dares’ given over the course of the program, we are challenged to stretch and open our awareness to see ourselves as those great beings of Light and Truth who already exist within us. Thus through our deep absorption of this material, we are able to bring the future consciousness of humanity into the present moment of our everyday lives.

Introduction Video

A new updated version of the Dare to be Divine course will launch 2023. All purchases will be automatically upgraded when the new version becomes available. 

‘This teaching is an arrow through the heart of your Reality.
It will shake you to the depths of your being.
It will show you the vast, unrealised potential
that for aeons has slept inside you.’

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Part 1: The First Four Dares
The Sacred Letters of Light

Part 2: The Second Four Dares
Solve et Coagula

Part 3: The Third Four Dares
The Coming of Homo Sanctus

Part 4: The Final Four Dares
Earth Ascending

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