Join Richard Rudd for a four month virtual retreat into your Activation Sequence. This live series invites you on a voyage of self illumination, to unlock the hidden potential of your Genius.

Whether you are brand new to the Gene Keys, or a long time voyager, this will be a unique opportunity to journey together into the teachings live with Richard.

Four Month Contemplation Journey

— 4 new Live Webinars with Richard Rudd (replays available)

— Guided support through your Activation Sequence

— 3 new Audio Meditations on the Pathways of Genius

— Live Community Calls & Breakout Groups

— Ongoing Access to all Activation Sequence course assets

Deep Dive into Genius comes with access to a newly updated Activation Sequence eCourse. If you are new to the Gene Keys, this package includes everything you need to begin your self-illuminating voyage. If you have already purchased the Activation Sequence course on, then you can purchase the virtual retreat at a $100 discount.

The Deep Dive is more than just an online course, it is a commitment to activate your Genius in the world. If you have been hovering at the threshold of a new chapter of your life, this is an invitation to fully embrace your higher purpose, as well as clarifying the steps you need to take to make it a reality.

About this Course

Live Webinars with Richard Rudd

Join the Virtual Retreat for exclusive access to new live sessions with Gene Keys founder, Richard Rudd. Once per month, Richard will guide the group through new transmissions, meditations, and insights from within the teachings of the Golden Path. For those who cannot attend live, all webinars and resources by Richard will be available for replay. These webinars will be in addition to the original Activation Sequence video series included in the course.

Thursdays @ 8PM UTC

January 23rd

February 20th

March 19th

April 16th

Whether you are new to the Gene Keys or a long time voyager, these new live sessions will provide tools and contemplations to dive deep into the transmission…


Community Calls & Breakout Groups

Throughout each month, participants will be invited to several conference calls with others in the Gene Keys community. Similar to local area study groups, or breakout rooms at a physical retreat, these calls offer a way for us all to connect across the globe. Though the Golden Path is a journey of self-illumination, the teachings come alive within our relationships and community. These calls offer a safe place for small groups of students to gather around the teachings, and share in authentic meaningful contemplation together. Many of our students find that these calls can be quite powerful and engaging. Communal contemplation can be a powerful way to amplify the impact of the Gene Keys in your everyday life.

There will be different time zone options available to support community engagement that works with your schedule. Due to the nature of these calls, as platforms for vulnerable sharing and connecting, these calls will not be recorded or available for replay. Full schedule to be announced. 


Access Virtual Retreat Resources

Registration to Deep Dive into Genius, includes all the resources you need to dive into the Gene Keys Activation Sequence. You will gain:

  • Ongoing access to “Part 1: Activation Sequence” online eCourse
  • New resources activated each month as a part of the Deep Dive virtual retreat
  • Email notifications and reminders for live events, replays, and added resources
  • All videos and resources will be available to download for offline study via audio files and transcripts

Please note that all live webinars by Richard throughout the course of the virtual retreat will be available by replay. Community Calls, however, will not be recorded or available after the live event.

How to Register

Deep Dive into Genius

Registration ends Jan 20, 2020

Virtual Retreat Registration

Activation Sequence Bundle – $150

This package includes registration for the Virtual Retreat as well as ongoing access to the eCourse “Golden Path Part 1 – The Activation Sequence”, valued at $100.  Together, this bundle gives you everything you need to start your Gene Keys journey.

Already purchased the Activation Sequence eCourse? – $150 $50

No problem! If you have already purchased the Activation Sequence course on, you only need to pay for the Virtual Retreat add-on. Simply login before registration, and any user who currently has access to the Activation Sequence eCourse will be able to register for the Deep Dive for only $50!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the frequently asked questions for more information. 

Registration for this virtual retreat ends on January 20th, 2020. Even if you are unable to join the live sessions, anyone who registers will retain ongoing access to the replays and resources.

This deep dive will be unique! Though Richard plans on doing other virtual retreats like this one, he may not repeat the Activation Sequence himself. In the future, other ambassadors may guide similar virtual retreats, but this is your opportunity to join Richard Rudd in exploring the Activation Sequence.

Replays of this virtual retreat will be available for sale after the close of the retreat. Stay tuned to our mailing list for updates on when it will become available.

Live Webinars with Richard Rudd will air for approximately 90-120 minutes, and will broadcast live at 8pm UTC on the following dates. There will be time for question and answer with Richard during each live event.

Thursdays @ 8pm UTC – January 23rd, February 20th, March 18th, April 16th

Community Calls will last approximately 90-120 minutes. Unlike the webinars, there will be several options of times throughout the four month retreat to help accommodate different time zones and work schedules. The calendar will be posted for registered participants.

Community calls are safe spaces for sharing, held and facilitated by Gene Keys Ambassadors. They will be platforms to join on a Zoom call into small and medium sized groups, to share vulnerably, ask questions of facilitators, and deepen into the communal contemplation.

To accommodate different time zones and work schedules, there will be a variety of options to join Community Calls throughout the retreat. The finalized calendar will be posted to all registered participants.

Upon registration, you will be added to a mailing list for the Deep Dive into Genius virtual retreat. You will receive email reminders each week for the different live events available, notifications when new resources are available, and reminders to support your four month contemplation.

There will also be a Deep Dive into Genius home page and helpful resources to guide you to the most current event.

The Gene Keys is a self-illuminating voyage, and is designed to offer a gentle path of contemplation inside your every day life. The Golden Path is an inner path…a private path. And yet, when groups of people around the world pool engage in collective contemplation, miraculous things can occur.

This virtual retreat provides you support first and foremost through the Teachings themselves. With new helpful videos, meditations, and guidance, Richard will guide newcomers and longtime students through Part 1: the Activation Sequence. Then, throughout each month of contemplation, it is up to you to relax, unwind, and let the transmission transform your life from the inside out.

In addition, this course offers support through volunteers from our Ambassador Circle. These are long time voyagers who have made a deep inner commitment to the transmission of the Gene Keys. The Ambassadors model the approach of contemplation, compassionate inquiry, and support through gentleness. They will be available in the support forums, on community calls, and available through the Ambassador Directory. If you have a question, you may just find a friendly Ambassador to help guide the way.

Finally, it is important to remember that the Transmission itself is the support of Grace in our lives. Through gentle contemplation and wholehearted commitment, the Gene Keys can support you in activating your genius in the world. Inside every shadow lies hidden a gift.

Absolutely! This is a great opportunity for any level of familiarity with the Gene Keys. If you are brand new, this program will guide you step by step through the art of contemplation. The wisdom of the Activation Sequence can provide a strong foundation for inner cultivation, and a springboard for quantum leaps in your evolution.

No! You can begin exploring the eCourse Golden Path Part 1: The Activation Sequence immediately upon purchase. This step by step program is already filled with videos, audios, and contemplation guidance for you to begin explore The live webinars with Richard will begin in January, and these sessions will provide new insights and contemplation tools to deepen your experience through the Activation Sequence.

You are invited to begin any time, or wait until January at our first live webinar.

This virtual retreat is designed to wrap itself around your daily life. The art of contemplation is a gentle path of awareness. This retreat invites you to one 90 minute webinar per month. They can be attended live, or via replay 24 hours after the live event. You are also invited to join live community calls, spaced throughout the retreat. The rest of the resources in this retreat are designed to be self-study. You decide how much time each week you want to spend watching the videos, listening to audio contemplations, or reading the provided text. You can move through this material at your own pace throughout the four months, and beyond! You will have ongoing access to these materials, for your continued contemplation.

The Activation Sequence online course is the original package on that includes the eBook “Genius” and the accompanying videos and audio files, set out in 33 steps of the Golden Path.

Deep Dive into Genius is the new virtual retreat that uses the Activation Sequence eCourse as the skeleton for a 4 month contemplation journey. Participants will have access to the Activation Sequence resources. Each month a new webinar and resources will be released by Richard, to support and encourage the entire group to experience the entire Activation Sequence within four months. This provides a safe space to explore the Activation Sequence together with others across the world, and be held by a healthy pace and rhythm of sustained contemplation.

Those who have already bought the Activation Sequence can join the Deep Dive virtual retreat for a discounted price. Simply login with your username that has already purchase the Activation Sequence course, and your discount should automatically be applied for Virtual Retreat registration.

The Gene Keys Golden Path is not something to do once. It is a life to be lived. Many students have found amazing results in returning to the Activation Sequence multiple times. Consider going on the journey again together with the Gene Keys community! You may find great gems of wisdom when you look again with fresh eyes.

Additionally, there will be 4 new webinars and 3 new audio meditations throughout the virtual retreat. These new contemplations by Richard may bring new layers of awareness about each sphere and the pathways in between…

Since you have already purchased the eCourse, you are automatically eligible to register for Deep Dive into Genius at a discounted rate.

The book “Genius – A Guide to your Activation Sequence”, available on Amazon, is the optional printed version of the eBook manual for part 1 of the Golden Path. While this companion book has a lot of information included in the Activation Sequence eCourse, it is not the complete package. You will need to still have the entire Activation Sequence eCourse in order to participate in the deep dive.

The printed book is designed to be a companion add-on for those who prefer to read in print as opposed to eBooks or online media.

If you have not purchase the online course from, then you will need to register at the full amount of $150. This registration will include your lifetime access to the whole Activation Sequence eCourse, and give you new exciting materials that go beyond what is provided in the printed book.

Great! All you need to do is login to with the username you originally used to purchase the Activation Sequence. While logged in, you can visit the “Register” page for the Deep Dive virtual retreat. You will see that a $100 discount has already been applied to the product!

Richard Rudd is available to host a similar virtual retreat for the Venus & Pearl sequences, if there is enough interest from the community at large. If you would like to see a Venus Virtual retreat this fall, be sure to tell us on social media or by emailing!

The Gene Keys is an amazing gift to share with friends and family. Walking through the Activation Sequence with your loved ones can be a powerful and magical experience.

However, the virtual retreat and eCourses are designed specifically for YOU. The best way to review the resources is for each participant to have their own login to courses. That way the information you read is based on YOUR unique hologenetic profile.

Thank you for respecting the dedicated work that went into these teachings, and refrain from publicly posting or sharing private course materials without consent.

Sales from this virtual retreat go back into creating exciting new content, and developing new features for the global community. It is the aim of Gene Keys Publishing to provide quality products to as many people as possible.

At the heart of the Gene Keys is the vision of philanthropy and service. Gene Keys can offer scholarships and bursaries to those in financial need. Please contact to find out more.

Gene Keys Ambassadors are invited and encouraged to journey along side the virtual retreat. If you would like to join as a participant, your Ambassador discount applies to purchase of this retreat. If you would like to volunteer your services to the Community Calls, please contact

Gene Keys Publishing is currently working hard with the amazing Translation Guild to accommodate more Gene Keys material in other languages across the globe.

This virtual retreat will not be immediately available in languages other than English. In the future, we do plan on translating the resources for the Golden Path, including new features from this retreat. At that time, we hope to provide more of these resources fully translated in your chosen language.

There may be an Ambassador who speaks your language and is willing to host a group call in that language. You can check the Ambassador Directory to contact those in your area who may be inspired to support.

Question not answered? Contact customer support using the form below!