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A 4-Month Gene Keys Virtual Retreat

Join Tanmayo, Elijah and the Gene Keys global community for an amazing journey exploring your higher purpose in life.

Travel with us on a voyage of self-illumination, to transform your shadows, activate your gifts and unleash your genius into the world!

Guiding you through our best-selling Activation Sequence e-course, this retreat provides live webinars, community calls and a supportive online environment to bring the Gene Keys alive in your everyday life.

The Deep Dive is more than just an online course, it is a commitment to activate your Genius in the world. If you have been hovering at the threshold of a new chapter of your life, this is an invitation to fully embrace your higher purpose, as well as clarifying the steps you need to take to make it a reality..

Programme Features

The Four Month Journey

  • Weekly live events and contemplation resources to support you step by step through your Activation Sequence.

  • Live Community Calls & Breakout Groups

  • Live Webinars and Q&A Sessions with your Deep Dive Hosts

  • Private Discussion Forum and Activity Feed to connect and share

  • Ongoing access to all expanded Deep Dive materials, replays and resources to support your continued contemplations

  • Live events will take place on Wednesdays at 19:00 and 23:00 UTC. Webinars and QA Sessions will be available by replay within 24 hours of broadcast. Click here for the full schedule and time zone conversion

"I've never felt closer to answering the big questions, Who I am and Why I am here, now I've experienced this incredible online Retreat. "

Features include

  • The Activation Sequence step by step online course in its newly updated format

  • Expanded Deep Dive resources from Richard Rudd, including webinar replays from the 2020 retreats

  • Your personalised Gene Keys Profile embedded directly into the course

  • 4 audio contemplations describing each of your Prime Gifts, drawn from the 64 Ways collection

  • guided musical meditations to deepen your experience of the Pathways

  • notes functions to track your course progress in our newly updated learning system

  • weekly notifications and contemplation resources to help you dive deeper into your Prime Gifts

What you will discover...

  • a personalised map showing your Shadow patterns, your Gifts and your potential as a fully realised being

  • how your challenges in life can be the fuel for your creative genius

  • how to create the conditions for breakthrough

  • the importance of cultivating core stability before awakening higher states of consciousness

  • the difference between your outer work (which may change) and your highest purpose (which never changes)

Meet your Hosts

Tanmayo Lawson

Tanmayo Lawson is a long-time student and teacher of the Gene Keys. An embodiment of many lineages, she has the rare gift of penetrating to the core of any issue. Her wise counsel and vast heart anchors these teachings deep into the body, the emotions and our everyday lives.

Elijah Parker

Elijah has dedicated the last decade to integrating the language of the Gene Keys deeply into his life. This has given him a unique ability to transmit profound truths in a spontaneous and elegant manner. Elijah aspires to model integrity and compassion in his own life, as well as support a safe and inclusive container for others. 

Our Ambassador Hosts

Special thanks to our incredible Ambassador Circle hosts and events team!


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The Gene Keys are not so much another "system", but more like a trigger of inner freedom. This really is what makes the Deep Dive Retreat so special!
This course has set me on fire.  It continues to be illuminating, touching all areas of my life. I feel I am living in an expanding, magical world through these daily contemplations.
I can feel the transformation taking place as I listen and learn....the Oneness of humanity, the field, the pause.  It made me love life I would say thanks to you for going through the Gene Keys in this is so much more powerful than just reading from the book…
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