Is this a self study course? Can I do it with a group?

This course has been created for individuals, families or groups of friends.

The Dream Arc course can be experienced as a self-study course, empowering you to go on your own adventure through the materials. Each person’s journey inside the course is unique. Every individual who embarks on this voyage will be drawn to different animals, follow a different order of the quests based on their own intuition, and may choose different experiential invitations or inspirational content to explore.

It is also powerful to do this with your family or community. You can form your own “Dream Pod”. And while each person may be drawn to different areas of the Dream Arc, you can share your insights and stories with one another. Gather around the campfire and each share what messages you have decoded from the animal symbols, and what treasures you have discovered on your recent quest!

There is also a rich online community from all over the world, supporting one another in both live community calls and through discussion forums in the private group. You can use the member directory and private forums to connect and communicate across the world in your own time.