Portal Creature of Resilience
Life Key: Sensitivity and Subtlety
Dream Arc Partners: Pelican / Tarantula
Related Gene Key: 19

I am Camel. Out of so many creatures you and I have come together now. How countless are the mysteries of life! For I guard a rarely trodden path – the path of higher initiation. Are you ready to tread such a path? Only time will tell. The Dream Arc Bridge opens up to subtle regions beyond the lower mind. I can offer you the great gift of sensitivity to these higher realms. I can carry you across this great divide, but you must also step carefully. You will have to leave all your maps behind and cross the great inner expanse armed only with the intuition of your heart. I will teach you in three ways:

  1. The Ordinary Way – I will show you that the great mysteries are hidden in your everyday life. You need not go off in search of the miraculous. Your teachings and teachers will be reference points for sure, but now is the time for you to set off on your own. Nowhere is a better learning ground than the pillar of your daily life, with its chores and challenges. It matters not a jot what you do. I will show you the doorway to the mysteries through the mundane, material life. Be not disappointed, for great opportunities may be revealed to you in the time ahead.
  2. The Friendly Way – I will show you the wonders of the human heart. The greatest lessons are to be learned by constantly crossing and re-crossing the expanses of human relationships. Pause often in the oasis of your heart and drink deeply from your own inner wisdom. The love that the Divine has placed inside you is vast and incomparable. I will show you how to share this love all around you, and how this precious water will open up the higher mysteries of the inner realms.
  3. The Silent Way – I will show you the deepest way of all – that depends on the fulfilment of the first two Ways. As you turn within in quietness, I will afford you the full revelation of the mysteries of life and death. The Silent Way is the path into the sacred, and is one that only I can reveal. As your inner silence deepens, so you will become aware of the inner light – which holds the structure of the entire universe. All questions will be answered and all doubts will be quelled by the endless wonders of the Silent Way.

I rarely come into a person’s life. You will need commitment to walk with me, and we may travel together for many years. Much I will teach you through the silence. You are ready now, if you wish to come with me. Many years have you prepared for this mystery, and your sensitivity to your changing environment will always protect you.

Arabian – The camel is seen in Islam as a creature of paradise since the Prophet Muhammad rode it. In Arabian lore it was also blessed by God himself.

Christian – The camel is associated with the Magi and John the Baptist, who was clothed in camel’s hair.

In the Dream Arc System, the camel is one of the three portal creatures that guard the Dream Arc Bridge (along with the woodpecker and the praying mantis). As such, it holds a specific mystical key that is only accessible to those who ally themselves to it as a symbol. Despite our human projections, the camel holds the secret of sensitivity to the higher worlds. As a shamanic creature it carries us across the deserts of the inner planes and through the eye of the needle that leads to divine truth. Its mysterious mythology also opens many secret doors into mystical alphabets that link different realms and dimensions. The camel also teaches us a valuable lesson concerning resilience and self-care, since it has the ability to travel vast distances and survive in extreme conditions. For those with the camel as a symbol, little can be spoken since this portal will already be open within them and will reveal their true task in the world.

Sensitivity makes us more human, more rounded, more wholesome. We learn to parent ourselves. We learn to ask for support when we need it, and we learn to let go of resentments. Our sensitivity is our coming alive. It’s our re-joining the human race, settling into the family of creatures and all beings. Sensitivity feels like coming home.

-The 64 Ways

The Portal Creatures

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