Category: Healers
Fear Key: The Fear of Letting Go
Dream Arc Partners: Kingfisher / Stag
Related Gene Key: 21

I am Seahorse. I come to those who are in the process of learning to let go. What is it in your life that you are still trying to control? It is a sure bet that this is also the most painful area for you right now. How does one let go? It is not something you can easily do on a conscious level. I will help you.

Bring all your attention to your spine. When you walk, focus on your spine. When you sit, focus on your spine. Find the connection between your spine and your breathing. Feel the rhythm of life as it flows through your spine. Do some spontaneous movements that allow your spine to flow. Breathe into these gentle movements. Imagine you are a seahorse, adrift on ocean currents, surrendered to cosmic forces far beyond your understanding or control.

You cannot resolve your current life issues through your mind, or through your feelings, or even through any definite external action. You will have to go deeper, into your physical body, where the core tension lives. If you like, find a guide who can help you explore how to release the tensions held in your spine. There are many forms and yogas that bring deeper flow and flexibility and awareness into the spine. Take my introduction into your life as an invitation to journey deep into the links of your spine and to release the stored tensions all the way from your sacrum to your cranium.

You will find in doing this subtle inner physical work, that over time, your external problems will diminish and resolve themselves permanently. This is my healing for you.You will also become like a seahorse – with more time and space opening up within your body. Your feelings too will settle and your mind will become open and yielding. You will begin to be more blissful. You will also become strong in your suppleness, at every level of your being. Surrender then to my simple and beautiful teachings, for I will deliver you all that you need to move through the next great transformation of your consciousness.

Greek – The seahorse was depicted as the steed of Neptune, drawing his underwater chariot. Seahorses are also associated in many cultures with the mermaids and other underwater fairies.

Although the seahorse symbol may appear sweet and delicate, it actually represents one of the most powerful of all human fears – the fear of letting go of control. The seahorse has a deep physical connection to the human spine, since it resembles a human embryo in its early developmental phase. The spinal cord itself is where all human control issues are lodged. The looser and more fluidly one’s spine conducts energy and movement, the more surrendered one feels in life. This process of facing one’s deep control issues is therefore a journey of releasing the tensions stored within the spine. The seahorse is also encased in many rings of body armour, and one by one we must release our own rings of control within our own bodies and minds. This process of letting go is symbolised by the internal surrender of our mind to our heart, of the masculine pole to the feminine. The seahorse symbol reflects this theme deeply since it is the male seahorse that gives birth to the offspring, thus reversing the usual polarity. If one can let go of trying to be in control and allow life to open one’s heart, then the result is the awakening of our inner nobility and valour, qualities also mirrored in the seahorse’s similarity to a knight on horseback.

Inner strength comes from a blend of self-esteem, valour and vulnerability. There is a natural radiance inside us waiting to break through once we own our own issues. As this radiance is released so we find the core strength and stability that anchors us in the world. Inner strength is all about the tensegrity of the spine. Your spine very easily holds the tension that keeps you from opening your heart. It takes great courage to look into the genetic wounds that you have brought with you into this world, and yet this is a vital part of your inner strength. There is so much potential for unlocking inner strength when you are willing to dive into the most vulnerable places…

-Prosperity – A Guide to your Pearl Sequence

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