Category: Tricksters
Vision Key: Vision of Alchemical Reward
Dream Arc Partners: Sheep / Scarab
Related Gene Key: 23

I am the Magpie. A divine thief am I. I come to teach you the art of how to steal Truth. To be a great thief, you must study your victim in depth. Where do you feel a victim? Where do you feel any self-pity? Where do you place any blame outside yourself? On your loved ones, your enemy, the government? Dig now until you find a crack in the wall of your heart. When you have found this place, this victim place, write it down as a word or words. Now you have a plan, you can get to work transmuting it.

Now, break into your heart and forgive yourself this thing. Forgive and let go of your need to project any responsibility outside yourself for any perceived problem. There is nothing under the sun that is the fault of anyone. All is as it is intended. Steal your empowerment back from this victim pattern. Take time with this process. Give it at least a week of your contemplation until you have found a nugget of gold. Write down again what this nugget of gold represents for you. Now you have found freedom, use this experience to go on hunting for more places in your psyche where you feel you could be better. Let go of self-improvement and move into deeper and deeper self-acceptance.

Use the art of contemplation as a means of cleansing your inner house of all objects that distract you from your higher purpose. Study the art of contemplation, and enact it until you experience the magical power of pivoting – the moment when you steal a truth from your false self and experience a genuine opening. Do not bring your focus onto anything else on the spiritual path until you have experienced this breakthrough. Be single-pointed as I am. I never waver from my target until it is in my beak. Be utterly focused and magic will open deeper and deeper in your heart. This is not a game for people interested in shiny objects – this is a real practice. Do it!

European – Much folklore exists about the magpie, usually connected to good or bad luck.

China – A sacred bird connected to the foundation of an ancient Mongolian dynasty.

Ancient Greece – Sacred to Dionysus and connected with the revelation of secrets.

North America – The magpie was seen as an omniscient deity.

The magpie symbol is one of the great alchemical birds. It symbolises the separation of the gross from the spiritual through the process of balancing the black and the white. This is about the embracing of our fears as well as our dreams. The magpie’s alleged affinity with shining jewels represents the distillation of the alchemical quintessence that arises from this process. If the magpie has chosen you to work with, you are embarking on a magical journey in which nothing is ever as it seems.

There is a transcendent force that lives within us. Like a seed that we are each gifted at birth, this mysterious essence requires gentle cultivation in order to reveal its true splendour within our lives. Through the practice and art of contemplation, this seed will rise up inside us as a powerful sense of higher purpose and vision.

-The 64 Ways

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