Category: Tricksters
Life Key: Sacred Artfulness
Dream Arc Partners: Merlin / Chameleon
Related Gene Key: 26

I am Fox. Desert Fox, Snow Fox, Forest Fox, Urban Fox – ubiquitous am I. Adaptable, changeable, malleable, paradoxical am I. That which you hold sacred, I will upturn it in a great crash in the middle of the night. That which you hold vile or evil, I will set it upon an altar and show you how precious it is. Whichever way you see things, I will set it on its side. Oh you had better beware if I have stepped into your circle!

Your intolerance of certain things or views or people is only due to one thing – you cannot see the secret behind the behaviour or the manifestation. If you knew for instance, that the person who performs a terrible deed once had that very deed done to him or her, perhaps even in a past existence, wouldn’t it change the way you saw that person? The seed of evil is always forced upon the innocent, the pure, the sweet and kind. If it had happened to you, you would have done the very same. We cannot forgive because we cannot see. If you can look deeply into nature and see behind the forms of this world, you will discover these secrets, and then you will come to understand. The thing that you call evil is in you as well. Pushed to the extreme, you too would become that. This is the view I offer you.

To work with fox, you are invited to contemplate those things and people you find offensive and abhorrent. Look deep within them. Peel back the illusion of the ugly and you will see the puer aeternis – the immortal innocent child – hidden within. Learn to look at the world in this way. Leave nothing or no one untouched. Anywhere you see negativity, look deeper until you find the spirit and higher purpose, until you realise that is YOU. Out of this profound compassionate understanding, your entire life’s work will unfold. And then look at the things you find special – your gods, your gurus, your holy objects and places. Are they any more worthy than the lowest of the low? Is not the holiest place the one where you find the greatest disease, distaste and suffering? Go to such places, internally, and perhaps even externally. Meditate there. Offer sacred ablutions in such places, where spirit has been forgotten – in supermarkets, in slums, in toilets and petrol stations. Offer kindness to the dejected.  Look at life with new eyes. Allow yourself to be utterly transformed. Turn your life upon its head.

Then and only then, may you count yourself a clan member of the fox clan. Welcome to our world!

North America – The fox is a shape shifter and trickster.

Sumerian – The fox is connected to the trickster god Enki.

China/Asia – The fox is seen in folk tales as a master of seduction and is associated with transmuting sexual energy.

Christian – The fox is a symbol of deceit and represents the devil.

Universal – The fox is associated with witchcraft in many cultures around the world, being especially connected to the primitive feminine nature.

The fox is one of the most misunderstood of all symbols. If you are allied to the fox, then you are someone who works with the power of magic and art. True magic refers to the ability to tame the creative forces and turn them to one’s advantage, but always for a higher purpose. The fox has a reputation for seduction and cunning and it does indeed denote the inner figure of the trickster. Those with the fox as a symbol have the ability to weave their way through seemingly conflicting emotions, thoughts or beliefs. They have a great love of paradox and may show one side of a message in a particular way just to get you to see the other side. If the fox uses its artfulness, it always does so in order to break through someone else’s victim patterns. It is a powerful instinctive guide that will challenge the human tendency to get stuck in emotional or intellectual patterns. Ultimately the fox always has the last laugh, and it is always at itself.

Urban Contemplation

It may be tempting to believe that its harder to be contemplative in a noisy and busy environment like a town or city. This urban contemplation is somewhat unusual and perhaps even a little mischievous, but it can totally change your experience of being in busy places. It involves your putting aside a specific time to be in an urban or busy environment solely for the sake of contemplation. Deliberately go to a place where you often feel overwhelmed or stressed – this could be a bustling market, a supermarket, a shopping mall, a train station or even an airport. Be the only person who is there for no reason other than to deepen the contemplative state. Fill up a shopping trolley and then empty it again, stand in a queue for no reason or just sit and watch people going about their business. The point of this contemplation is to be in such spaces and be utterly calm, just breathing deeply and enjoying your own presence, like an actor on lifes stage. Once you have done this and found peace within yourself, the next time you are in that place or a similar place, you will be able to go straight to the reference point you have created and tap into that same sense of peace and detachment.

-The Art of Contemplation

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