Category: Warriors
Fear Key: The Fear of Commitment
Dream Arc Partners: Cockatoo / Pig
Related Gene Key: 29

I am Pythonness. The ancients always have known I am an agent of the Divine Mother. If you wish to work with me with deep commitment, you may wish to find out all about the Oracle in Delphi and ally yourself to these ancient teachings. You may even one day travel to Greece to unlock these gifts through the power of place. On the outer planes you will find me in the great tropical jungles, and again, you may wish to consider travelling to such a place one day. Working with me is to work with the power of an earth symbol, which involves a level of commitment that you may not be used to. I am no symbol that you pull in a moment of curiosity and then move on in your life. I am not to be treated in such a way.

I am a challenge to you. You may have an issue of commitment. If you do anything in a half-hearted way, you may as well not do it at all. Apply this to your relationships, your studies, your work, your spiritual practice or anything else in your life. If you can rise up to my challenge, then I invite you to work with my power for an extended period. Stop allowing your awareness to drift across so many things and focus all attention on me, on my meaning, my symbolism, my journey. Listen intuitively to my whisperings in your soul. Use me to break the pattern of your half-heartedness. I will bring your focus onto the things and teachings in life that your soul most needs. I am like a laser inside you. All the great warriors are forged through their power of self-discipline. Decide a length of time and then focus all your inner energy on one thing during that time.

I am aware that this challenge may make you afraid, and that is good. You will see that this period of intense focus will change your life, harnessing the awesome power of commitment. For just as I strangle your life force as half-heartedness, so too I bring huge rewards as deep commitment. Listen to your heart and let it choose the one thing you most need to focus on and then renew your energy into that area for the period of time you have chosen. Of course you may do other things, but not at the expense of the one. This is my power and my challenge to you.

Greek – The python is an aspect of the serpent symbol that connects with the idea of the earth dragon and is considered a feminine deity. In Greek myths, Python was slain by Apollo at Delphi, and in her name, the famous oracle was born. The python is also seen as the guardian of the sacred egg, which represents the omphalus or ‘navel of the world’. Interestingly enough, the python is the only snake that incubates its own eggs.

As one of the five serpent symbols in the Symbol Codex, the python shares some of the universal symbolism of the other snake symbols (3,53,54, 62). However, the python differs in its symbolism and meaning on account of its prime method of catching prey through asphyxiation. It is this same tendency inside human beings that strangles our own creativity and potential. The fear of commitment prevents us from moving through our own transformation and living life to the full. The process symbolised by the python is therefore one of examining this deep fear inside us and seeing how it keeps us a victim of circumstance. At a certain point in our lives we each have to simply take the plunge and commit ourselves to a process regardless of our fears. As soon as we are able to break the distracting and destructive pattern of our fear, everything feels different in our lives. We stop postponing our dreams and start living life at its zenith. Once we have unravelled the python that is strangling us on the inside, our life force, enthusiasm and love explode once again and we enter a state of deep devotion.

Half-heartedness causes suffering, and that realisation leads to Commitment. At a certain level, commitment itself becomes more and more internalised, until its true nature is revealed. This is when Commitment transforms into Devotion.

-Dare to be Divine

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