Category: Tricksters
Life Key: Mischievous Innovation
Dream Arc Partners: Puffin / Adder
Related Gene Key: 3

I am the wily Coyote. Ha! Such a joke!  You are the wily ones. Never honest, always hiding from the truth, concealed by your seriousness you are. Lost in your obsession with work and being always busy. Why do you not take time to enjoy your lives? I at least am honest in my mischief. Life is uncertain and I embrace that. I love that. But you, you fight it, you try to control it or deny it. And then you get to the end and it’s too late. It’s the only thing in the world that makes me feel sad – humans.

So let me remind you. Let me howl and cackle outside your window. Come out and play with me! Look at your life differently. Open all your cupboards and throw things out! Go on. Be crazy. Spend some time with those who make you laugh. Sound your barbaric yawp! Do something entirely out of character. Do it today! And look at your problems with my eyes, with fresh eyes. There is no difficultly you cannot create your way out of. Innovate! Be the changer, the mover, the leaper!

Now is time for intense change. There is an urgency in your being right now. Too long you have waited and suffered. Because I come, it is now your time to break free. You already know what you have to do. The decision is made inside you. All that remains is the action, so leap now, with your eyes wide open. Leap and laugh and sing out with the craziness of your heart’s deepest longing…

North America – Coyote is the trickster figure of many Indigenous stories. He challenges rigidity, steals the sacred fire and runs off into the night.

The coyote is always a creature of paradox – mischievous yet loyal, independent yet highly social, this is an animal of great unpredictability and creativity. As a symbol it is above all about retaining the heart of a child, without being overtly ‘childish’. In contemporary and Indigenous mythology, the coyote is lauded as a foolish and absurd figure, but beneath its veneer it always contains a kind of ‘crazy wisdom’. People of the coyote symbol will lead a life that seems to go in many different directions at once. As long as they are out of their mind, they will always land on their feet. This is a lucky symbol with great humour that loves to be indefinable and indescribable. These are also people who know that in disorder lies great creativity and wonder, and they will always challenge the status quo in the name of innovation and imagination.

Before and during the second world war, as the terrified victims of the Stalinist regime found themselves jammed into freight trains, hurtling towards the gulags, one character stood out above all others – the comedian. Among so many miserable people there would occasionally rise up one who managed to crack jokes in spite of the terrible situation. Many jokes were at the expense of their captors, but they would generate unexpected chuckles and smiles, and above all they reminded all present that even in the darkest night there can be glints of light and communal warmth. The art of contemplation teaches us to covet this precious but vital gift of lightness. Sometimes when the clouds gather and press in upon us, or when our brows curl into furrows, the one thing we need above all others is this sense of greater perspective. Contemplation reminds us that life has a way of resolving itself, in time often revealing a hidden higher purpose behind the events of our lives.

-The Art of Contemplation

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