Category: Laughers
Vision Key: Vision of Jubilant Celebration
Dream Arc Partners: Llama / Clam
Related Gene Key: 42

I am the Parrot. I bring laughter into your life. I bring joy. What brings you the greatest joy? Consider this carefully and then make the necessary changes to ensure more joy can be felt.  I also come into your life at the oddest moments. My timing sometimes seems off. But I assure you it is not. It is during the most difficult times, the most challenging moments that we must remember to celebrate. Act with dignity and honour. Instead of giving in to the descending energy of suffering, turn it around inside yourself. Turn around 100 percent. You may believe with your mind that this isn’t possible, but I come to remind you of the always possible.

The greatest human moments come at times of intensity. Use the intensity to propel you into the pivot. Do not ask ‘how will I achieve this?’ Step beyond ‘how’ and into the transformation itself. Allow yourself to be lifted. Allow yourself to see with an entirely new vision. Death should be celebrated. Death is not black. Death is a rainbow. Death is the return to remembering.

Sing. I implore you to sing. Celebration is an inward revelation as much as an outward expression. First you must feel it welling up from the depths. Then you may follow it out into the world. Then you can abandon yourself to its grace. If I have come to you now, then your sufferings are finally coming to an end. I am an ‘ender’. I come to bring closure and to spark deep gratitude in your soul for the journey or the life that has been. Open your heart then and sing out your joy and your love. For when the old passes away, it should pass away to the sound of laughter and jubilation…


India – Associated with Kama, god of love.

China – Associated with Kuan Yin – goddess of compassion.

North America – A bird of blessing.

Despite reams of associations worldwide, the parrot symbolises the art of love and the celebration of life. People of this symbol are here to learn how to capture the essence of life through humour and perspective. The parrot symbol laughs in particular at death. Through their love of teasing, parrots bring lightness and joy everywhere they are known. These are people who will repeatedly have to let go of holding onto anything in life, because only when they have totally let go, can they truly celebrate.


The body may even not die, because when we break down the illusion, all manner of things become possible within the field of celebration. A part of celebration is to pierce the veil of the possible and access the seemingly impossible.

-The 64 Ways

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