Category: Hunters
Vision Key: Vision of Spontaneous Wisdom
Dream Arc Partners: Whale / Oyster
Related Gene Key: 48

I am the Owl. I see with eyes wide open into the night. Whatever you do not wish to see, I see it. Some say this is my curse, but it is a great service I give to the world. Might there be something right now in your life that you are not seeing? Usually this thing is brought to you by someone else. Someone somewhere is provoking discomfort in you. Probably you can see the problem inside them, but what you haven’t realised is that there is a judgement and an expectation inside you. There is something that you want from them, and because you are not getting it, you are provoked.

I am the great night hunter. Look and contemplate deeply on what it is you want from this other person. Is it really fair to put such a pressure on them? The compassionate view is to breathe space between you and then gently to let go of the thing you desire. Sometimes we cannot stand the suffering of others because it makes us suffer. The source of this pattern therefore is not the other, but you. You do not wish to suffer, which is understandable. See clearly how this works in all our human relationships. To love another is to give them the freedom to find out the truth for themselves. In this you must trust in the unseen.

Such a gift I bring to you. Use it wisely. Cut yourself free from your own inner tangles. One day you will be able to sit, close your eyes, examine your inner being and say clearly to yourself,  ‘there is nothing I want’. Then you will simply emanate good wishes to all beings, regardless of how they see you or the world. When I see my prey I fly on silent wings and I rarely miss. You are here to model wisdom in action, which means that your wise eye must only be trained constantly within. This is why I represent the future, a future where all beings are free – to rise, to fall, to learn to grow and finally to celebrate. You be one of the first to cut yourself free.

There are probably more myths surrounding the owl than any other bird.

The owl was sacred to the Greek goddess Athena as an oracle.

To the Romans it had magical powers.

To some of the Indigenous people of the Americas, it was associated with dreams, messengers and death

To the Celts it is synonymous with the archetype of the Crone, the wise woman.

To many other cultures, the owl was considered a bad omen or symbol of evil.

The owl symbol has always been associated with the feminine principles and with wisdom because of its ability to see so precisely in the dark. Much superstition and negative projection surrounds the owl culturally and people with this symbol may also be easily misunderstood. The owl represents true wisdom, which is a direct and spontaneous transmission that defies logic and is always for the collective good. People with this symbol may work silently out of view having a hugely beneficial effect on the world. These are people who can see the things that others either cannot see or do not wish to see.

The sacred wound lives inside each of us. It manifests as a vast sense of isolation, in which we cannot feel our heart, in which we appear to be rendered powerless. Often the wound is a physical sensation localised in the body. If you tune into your body, you may be able to sense where the wound appears for you. Sometimes the wound is not local but a general numbing of all our faculties. Such states often precede the breakthrough of great love, but we must stay with the wound, wrapping our awareness around it for as long as it takes for the transformation to occur. This is how our great love has been dammed and when the dam bursts, we experience a state of grace – a euphoric expansion throughout our body, and in particular our chest, as the flood of love breaks through.

-Love – A Guide to your Venus Sequence

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