Category: Tricksters
Life Key: Wily Equilibrium
Dream Arc Partners: Golden Oriole / Spider
Related Gene Key: 50

I am Racoon. Divine thief am I, coming by night and taking what I can. And yet I steal only because it is my nature, my particular gift. What about you? What is your mischievous gift? What do you need in your life to create equilibrium? Balance in life is dynamic and ever-changing. There is no fixed formula for balance. What you eat, what to wear, where to live, what to do…all these are changeable. My secret is always to take advantage of the conditions and to adapt. Where do you need to adapt your behaviour?

I am needed more than ever right now. Your world is in massive flux. In the coming years, many things that you take for granted will be stolen from you. You will have to think on your feet. You will have to be light-footed and mentally nimble. You will need a wide range of skills to thrive. Never turn away from learning something new. Always be open to what the next generations are bringing with them. Learn from them. Listen to them. Let me into your inner life and I will shake up all your old paradigms and belief structures. You need to be bendy, like the willow. You need to be fast, like the falcon. And above all, you must be giving. For what are the use of all those skills if you cannot use them to help others?

My blend of cunningness and generosity is a rare thing in your world. Learn from me. Let me open up your mind. Be ready to drop everything and move with the change that is coming. Hone your intuition and sense things before they happen. Be like the ancestors and indigenous people, who look to the patterns in nature to see what is coming and prepare in advance. Wherever in your life there is weight, it must be thinned down. Simplify. Lighten. Unburden. Don’t get too settled or comfortable anywhere. Then you will be ready for anything. Then you will thrive in the coming times of transition. Then you will become a beacon of generosity for many in fear. Teach others too what you have learned and let the power of racoon be yours to share widely…

North America – The racoon is often seen as a trickster figure that steals in order to give to those in need, including itself.

Ainu – Because of their black faces, racoons were equated with a deity who cooks for the Gods, thus compounding the view of them as servers and providers of others.

Known as the ‘little bandit’ by some Indigenous peoples of the Americas, the racoon is something of a paradox. It is well known for its foraging and omnivorous nature and is unafraid of humans. However, among its own kind, the racoon shows a very rare trait in the animal kingdom – generosity. Racoons living together share their food resources equally among themselves. The Indigenous understood the racoon symbol as teaching a universal truth about protection and giving – that to give is always to receive. To those connected with this symbol this is a great challenge – to strike the equilibrium between giving to others and keeping enough for oneself. These are people who must lead others by example of their own generosity.

The inner world, the spiritual world lies beyond the five senses. To pick up its frequencies we have to develop what the Buddhists call equanimity. Equanimity means two things – to see from a higher view and to rest in the middle. Contemplation constantly brings us back to the higher view. That view allows us to stay in the centre and become more anchored in our core stability, no matter what life throws at us.

-The 64 Ways

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