Category: Healers
Fear Key: The Fear of Inferiority
Dream Arc Partners: Condor / Weasel
Related Gene Key: 51

I am Scorpion. I am a repository of many of your fears. Look deeply inside yourself. Where do you harbour the fear that you are not good enough? All humans carry this fear from birth. It is your journey to use this fear to grow, learn and ultimately carve your own destiny. This lack of self-esteem hides in many powerful people. On the other hand, the lack of self-esteem can be crippling for others and can be the cause of many addictive or self-undermining tendencies. Scratch the surface of most human beings and you will find this fear.

But I am good news for you. All fear leads to transformation. Your job is to root out these tendencies and learn to massage yourself back to wholeness. You are not lacking. You have great creative power and passion locked inside you. Try letting it out! In this, you may need to re-route your current direction. You may need to close certain behaviours down. Which behaviours rob you of your precious life force? Learn to protect your own heart at the same time as revelling in your passions.

In ancient times, people would invoke the power of my people to protect them whenever they undertook the great journey of death and rebirth. You may call upon my power for this same purpose. Use the sting of your own self-love to redress imbalances in your life. Draw firm boundaries where they are needed, but do so only as a last resort. Do not burn all your bridges – that is one of your old tendencies! My sting is only to be used on others as a last resort. Mostly the toxin is for you, to be taken in minute doses in order that your soul may gradually come back to life and inhabit this body more fully. Toxin taken in small enough doses turns into sweet healing. Gentle your heart back to life. Damaged emotions can always be repaired. This is a process that will take some time, so be ready to dig in for the long-term. Learning to love yourself is the reason for this life. If you learn only this in a single lifetime, what a powerful life that will be!

Finally, if you are able to fulfil this great gift of self-healing, I will show you one more secret – the revelation of the passage between lives. I am a Guardian of this gate. I will show you where you have come from and where you are going. This I give to you alone, as a reward for your courage at healing your own heart and soul.

China/Egypt/Persia – The scorpion was seen as an agent of malice. The goddess Isis often took the form of a scorpion, as did many female deities from around the world. Astrological – As the eighth sign of the zodiac, the scorpion is connected to sexuality, alchemy, death and resurrection.

The scorpion has a rich and complex mythology surrounding it, often being seen as a symbol for the negative shadow aspects of the human psyche. In the Dream Arc, the scorpion symbolises the deep fear of inferiority in human beings. It inspires the human urge to put others down in order that we may feel more secure about ourselves. In this respect the scorpion process is about really looking at the mirror of our own projections upon others as well as at the root cause of our actions in the world. The scorpion has come to symbolise transformation and death in popular culture, since it was long assumed that it would sting itself to death if cornered. Even though this is untrue, the pattern of the myth remains and it refers to the human tendency to selfishly push past the feelings of others in order to get what we want first. This behaviour may indeed bring us material success, but it will also inevitably come back and sting us, since it is rooted in an unprocessed unconscious fear. To travel into our own shadow is to unlock great creative power, and when this emerges it does so in a clean and fertile way, rather than an underhand or manipulative manner. At its highest level, the scorpion’s sting can be metaphorically used on ourselves in homeopathic doses so that it raises our frequency and eventually awakens our whole being.

The great antidote to trauma is love. There is much hype in the modern world about the true meaning of love. Few are those who have truly discovered the source of love inside the human heart. Yet this is the reward of the art of contemplation. As our awareness continues to open deeper pools of calm, old patterns and pain come to the surface for healing, and out of these patterns emerges our higher purpose in the world. The ancient Sufis of the Middle Eastern deserts gave the whole of their lives to the singular study of the subject of love. Over many generations they created an exquisite science of love that has never been surpassed. They distinguished many forms of love and gave them precise names. The name they gave to the highest form of human love is ‘ishq’ – pure love. Pure love is unconditional and arises in the heart when all wounds have been healed. This is the great love our poets have always sung of – the love that stitches together the very fabric of our world.

-The Art of Contemplation

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