Category: Changers
Life Key: Feminine Freedom
Dream Arc Partners: Albatross / Dragonfly
Related Gene Key: 55

I am Seal. I stand in the middle – between earth and sea, between this world and the next, between you and your future. My people contain a prophecy – that only when the past is fully transformed can the golden future dawn. I am a Changer and you must embrace my transformation. You must turn backwards now and face where you have come from. You must face the deep grief of your people. You carry this grief in your cells, and behind it lies the deep-seated human fear of death. Death you must each face alone, in the silence of your being. It is the greatest of universal secrets held by our Mother.

Dive with me into these vast waters. Be not afraid of your fear. It must be felt and embraced before you can take the next stage of your journey. Know that there is also great beauty in the aloneness of the ocean. Like death, it fills us with awe. Awe and fear are in fact related. Can you transform your fear into awe? Can you let go of what was and celebrate the mystery that has not yet come? Can you rest in the gap with perfect equanimity? This is what life is now asking of you. You are in between two lives, two paths. Rest here and bring in the harvest of what has been. Let the future come in its own timing.

Be here with me in the waves of Deep Time. In Deep Time, all is seen. The concerns of one life dwindle into the background. Let a grander vista emerge inside. You are a divine traveller moving along a line of eternity. Those you love, you will have to let go of, one by one. Your dreams too you will have to one day surrender. But you will get it all back again. Those you love will return to your side, and your dreams will reform again around another version of ‘You’. Ours is the journey of the soul – the journey into the deep feminine wisdom. You are being asked to let go now…so let go, of everything. And then let Mother cradle you in her gentle arms, and rest in the knowledge that all you love and long for will one day be delivered. Now is a time of pause…

Celtic – Myths abound of ‘selchies’ – spirits who can alternate as both humans and seals. Selchies often come out of the sea and take on human lovers, trading in their skin.

Nordic – The trickster god Loki often took the form of a seal.

Inuit – The seal is a symbol of the Inuit, who hold annual festivals in honour of the seals.

As one of the most important contemporary symbols, the seal holds unique significance as a symbol for the future of humanity. Since the seal is essentially a land mammal that has re-adapted to the sea, it represents an evolutionary force that seems to be going in the opposite direction to humanity. In fact, the seal’s bridging position between land and sea opens up the potential for a new awareness to develop in humankind. If one feels drawn to this spirit being, then one may also appear to be moving against the common stream. However, the seal really represents the freedom of oceanic consciousness, which is rooted in a new mutation of the human emotional system. The seal is also a powerful feminine symbol of the need to surrender to the unconscious in order to transcend it.

Your aura is a transmitter of light, it contains a broad range of high frequency signals that are invisible. These signatures of light emanate from the coded information in our DNA, but they depend on you. They depend on the frequency of your attitude. So if you react to life as a victim, you greatly limit the light frequencies that you are emanating. Then you reinforce the victim behaviour and it continues around you. When you respond with openness, with innocence, with love, then you activate a much greater spectrum of frequencies in your DNA. Those invisible forces leave your aura and they stir up counter-forces in the outer world. People will respond differently to you.  The gift is always activated through love. 

-Life’s Work Webinar

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