Weaving the World Together

a dreamtime journey through the animal soul of Gaia

Embark on a Musical Odyssey

In this uplifting musical meditation, Richard Rudd guides us deep into the collective dreaming of our planetary spirit, hitching a ride on 14 of the great symbolic creatures of Gaia. Dreaming across cultures and continents, weaving a magical tapestry of diversity within unity, we come to experience the inherent togetherness of all beings and lineages. Each creature, from the eagle to the lion to the turtle, is a fractal portal to a living, ancestral teaching. When taken together, all these teachings point us towards a coming quantum leap in our evolution: the leap into Homo Sanctus – the sacred human.

Choose to close your eyes and listen to the audio-only version, or embark on the visual experience produced by Awaken Spirit


Richard Rudd

Spoken Word

Entheo Music

Soundtrack Production

Russell Feingold

Flutes & Chakapa

Awaken Spirit


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