Fragments of Light
Transcendent Tales by Richard Rudd

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Insights, Breakthrough & Epiphanies

In this treasury of wild, oral wisdom Richard Rudd shares a web of insights, breakthroughs and epiphanies that occured over the many years of laying out his main teachings − The Gene Keys. Accordingly, these Fragments give us a rare view into the inner and sometimes private life of the founder of The Gene Keys. Insightful, life-affirming, practical and often deeply comforting, these Fragments of Light thread a path between the mystical and the mundane, shining a much-needed light on many challenging subjects such as pain, trauma, karma, reincarnation, awakening, alchemy, the future of humanity and much more.

Free Video Series

This new book is based on a free video series featured on the Gene Keys Youtube channel. These videos are intimate whispers of Truth by Richard Rudd. Each Fragment represents the Art of Contemplation in action, and they range from the mystical to the mundane. Take a peak into this playlist or watch them all on Youtube.