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Akushi Angel

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Reverend Akushi Angel is a radiant presence within the spiritual community, known for her profound insights and transformative guidance as a Certified Gene Keys Guide, Peace Ambassador and Embodied RainbowVibration. With a Ministry Degree she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her uplifting work. Her journey has been one of continuous learning and growth, involving & evolving the spiritual emotional & spiritual realms through the enchanting art of RV dancing.

Guided by the principles of Bhakti Yoga, Reverend Akushi’s spiritual practice is deeply rooted in love and devotion, fostering a space for profound healing and self-discovery. Her luminous presence invokes the celestial energies of ArchAngel RaZiEl, infusing her readings and sessions with a divine light that resonates deeply with all who seek her guidance. Her journey has been marked by a dedication to sharing her mystical wisdom and uplifting the collective consciousness.

Reverend Akushi Angel’s approach is a unique tapestry woven from a rich array of spiritual teachings, including the profound insights of Osho, the joyful expression of Biodanza, and the profound wisdom of The Gene Keys. Through her guidance, seekers are led on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual mastery, exploring the depths of their sacred geometric blueprint and unlocking the harmonious rhythm of their individual tapestry.

Her brand is a manifestation of her devotion to humble leadership and the bountiful sharing of mystical magic in service to the collective. Reverend Akushi Angel finds joy and inspiration in every step of her journey, celebrating the profound depths and luminous light that each transition brings. Her commitment to embracing freedom and embodying the wonder of existence is reflected in her exuberant dances with celestial beings and the natural world, integrating the magic of the dream arc and the graceful flow of the seven sacred seals.

Akushi invites you to join her in the softening embrace of the universal flow, where Angelic Gene Keys transcend the ordinary and elevate your gene keys into the vibrant and colourful realms of spiritual illumination. Step into the radiant world she cultivates, and unlock the potential for miracles and profound transformation as you embark on your personal journey towards universal truth.