Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

Alaya DeNoyelles

AcuPresence & the Gene Keys

My life has been an adventure in listening to a stream of whispered invitations to reveal my life’s path and to experience my own embodiment as fully as possible. My instinctual drive is to find the quintessence, to follow the golden threads that excite and propel me forward to transformation.

Across three decades as a Classical Five Element Acupuncturist, my passion has always been to address the flow of frequency in the body in order to help people experience their highest authentic, sovereign nature.

After acupuncture helped me heal from a long, acute illness, I went to school and became a practitioner.

Enthralled with the science of sympathetic resonance and the recognition that everything is vibration, I have worked with the “Spirit” of acupuncture points, realizing that we can simply activate and attune with the vibrational energy of our internal “sacred sites” and trust the body’s inherent impulse and ability to heal itself.

I became aware of the connection between the I Ching and Classical Five Element Acupuncture in 2005 during my immersion into Human Design. I began running my patients’ charts and would intuit which Gates perfectly matched the unique vibrational signatures of specific acupuncture points. I would incorporate this into their sessions.

When the Gene Keys graced my life in 2010, I realized that I could needle specific acupuncture points and give the patient direct access to the gift and siddhic potential inherent in the frequency bandwidth of the Gene Keys. When introducing the “Spirit” or archetypal essence of an acupuncture point, I could invite the body’s innate wisdom to call depleted, stressed or stagnant shadow frequencies into higher resonance and support the sovereign, authentic embodiment of a Gene Key.

After a few years, my deeper studies revealed the possibility that the synergetic relationship between the I Ching and Acupuncture were brought forth over 5,000 years ago at the same time by Fu Xi, a legendary emperor.

This journey of research and experimentation led to encoding precisely how the elemental makeup of the trigrams provided a direct map, a mathematical formula of the precise correlation between the acupuncture points along the body’s energy meridians and the 64 Hexagrams of the Gene Keys.

This exciting discovery increased my desire to create a self-healing practice to support humanity NOW during these transformative and mutative times. This medicine is here to empower us to take our healing into our own hands. This is how AcuPresence was birthed.

AcuPresence is the culmination of my inspiration to re-awaken the magic and beauty of this ancient vibrational healing art to support our embodied awakening to the truth of who we are.

I am deeply honored to be of service as an Ambassador and Guide for the Gene Key transmission and joyously welcome opportunities to serve others with my love and offerings.