Gene Keys Guide

Alison Dhuanna McCabe

Group GK sessions, GK Mudra sessions, Poet, Priestess

I have been an Astrologer exploring the Goddess Asteroids for some 30 years focussing on the Goddess Asteroids (feminine archetypes) and Trans Neptunian Objects (Indigenous streams of wisdom). I became a Gene Keys Guide in 2022 and guide small groups of women through the Golden Path – most people drawn to this identify with being a Priestess, Healer or Yogi. My focus is on the Venus Cycle through the Myth of Inanna and looking at Gene Keys activations in a weekly class on zoom.

I have been a Host on the Venus Retreat and Dream Arc and also co-host Clubhouse.

In my process my aim is to get out of the head and into the body so I use tools such as mudras, mantras, creative journaling and Neurographic Art.

I work on a wonderful co-created subscription platform called Soul Tribe Online with some excellent Yoga teachers offering daily practices and seasonal dietary cleanses so its a rounded Holistic experience of offer. It is a perfect platform for those wanted to integrate physical health and lifestyle along with a long term, intimate community unravelling our shadows and rising into our gifts together.