Gene Keys Guide

Allison Adams

GK Reader, Creativity Cheerleader, Inner Child Coach

Hello, my name is Allison. I am a professional artist and Gene Keys guide, living in southern California with my teenage daughter and sweet grey cat. I am passionate about using creativity to open doors of perception, and I love helping others unlock their own unique and playful expression.

I love connecting with others through Gene Keys contemplations, especially as we open up to the inner child, emotional health, and greater sense of purpose. I am also an astrologer and tarot/oracle card reader, and can use these archetypal modalities to deepen a reading. I feel that as we open up to our shadows as well as our gifts, we expand tremendously and can change our narrative in powerful ways. This is what I love most about the Gene Key’s transmission.

Like many others, I have had a strange and varied life so far, and the older I get, the more grateful I am for my experiences, though they were often painful. Now I see them all giving me tools to help me empathize with others and help them see their lives as an epic adventure.

I tend to attract clients who want to be creative, but maybe have often struggled with trauma and self esteem issues. Creativity and the ability to connect deeply are some of my greatest strengths.