Gene Keys Guide

Angela Löffelman

Liberation Coach - Know yourself - Feel yourself - Be yourself

WELCOME I was raised by very early age with the wisdom of the I Ching, astrology and Buddhism. In my quest to be free I have traveled the world: having met many original spiritual teachers/cultures and getting to know and practiced many methods. In 2016 I came to know the Gene Keys and more then ever I started to follow the path within. Contemplating my hologenetic profile I discovered what kept me away from being free. I embraced the shadows, brought my gifts to life. Bringing my highest gifts alive to serve others in an authentic way. Now life is so much easier and fulfilling. I feel so blessed to have come across this magical teachings of Richard Rudd. Eternally grateful What I am offering you is the Art of Contemplation and the Gene Keys wisdom in sessions/groups/retreats. Teaching people how to balance themselves in their lives and work Guiding them back into their precious bodies by pausing and feeling and loving themselves. I have my own practice in Amsterdam, also offering Trager® sessions, specialized in head/throat/opening of the heart and deep, soft belly work In 2024 I will be teaching Kum Nye Skillful means in person and in company.