Gene Keys Guide

Ankhara Rose

GK for Soulpreneurs + Creator of "Songs of the Siddhis"

Hi Love! I’m Ankhara Rose, M.Ed, and my biggest passion with the Gene Keys is helping Soul-Led Entrepreneurs step into deep alignment with their gifts, so they can create a path of least resistance to sustainable success + wealth.

As an educator for over 20 years (and Precision – GK 62 – as my Life’s Work), one of my greatest gifts is taking esoteric concepts and making them clear, tangible + applicable –

My belief is: the more we understand (innerstand!), the more we can apply – and it is in the application that we truly see our potential manifest in our everyday lives + businesses!

I am currently booking 1:1 GK readings, mentoring entrepreneurs + running online Gene Keys for Business programs.

**As a way to connect to the siddhis on a deeper level, I created a collection of Gene Keys songs – SONGS OF THE SIDDHIS – based on the hexagrams, to help you attune to your gifts on a subconscious level! {} You can find my artist music on Spotify as well.

Finally, I recently created a body of work called the Soulpreneur’s Success Codex, based on the Gene Keys, Human Design + Astrology, and am giving Success Codex readings as well.

When I’m not geeking-out about the Gene Keys, I’m hanging out with my tweens, hiking old growth forests of New Jersey with my husband, writing songs, or petting my ginger cat, Simon!