Gene Keys Guide

A student of animist traditions, a lover of nature, myth, body and ritual. Walking a path of devotion and enlivenment, equally in love with dream and flesh, star and soil, but more than anything – with the mystery at the heart of it all.

I like to think of myself as a veil-tender between the human and other-than-human worlds, hoping to use my sensitivities to help keep the veil permeable so that it never hardens into a barrier and, as David Abram says, remains ‘a porous membrane across which nourishment flows steadily in both directions’.

I want to live a life of deep feeling, beauty and service to the community of life and contribute to reawakening our ancestral animate vision into the dazzling personhood of things.

In addition to classic Gene Keys Profile sessions, I offer an experimental approach utilising Deep Imagery in walking the Golden Path and exploring the Dream Arc. I find Deep Imagery work to be a perfect supplement to the Transmission and all the other incredible wells of knowledge we might be drinking from on our journey, providing the missing piece of a direct, transmissive, transformational, felt power of a real relationship. And the purpose of these offerings is to stir that relationship awake.

So, I would be happy to welcome you to my space of interconnectedness, wonder, lucidity and hope. And can’t wait to be a (forever-awestruck) witness to your encounters and becomings.


Languages Spoken: Русский (Russian)

Gene Keys Courses: Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, Pearl Sequence, Dream Arc

Interests: Myth, Nature, Somatic Awareness, Writing, Animism, Deep Imagery