Gene Keys Guide

Anne Scharlow

Conscious Animal-Human Connections

Hello I am Anne, a German living in South Africa, a life choice that has been more rewarding than I could have wished for.

I am an animal communicator and healer, and I offer a holistic approach to helping animals and their guardians embody balance and harmony. I am using my unique abilities to communicate with horses and pets to help solve behavioral problems, enrich relationships, nourish health and overall well-being.

Guiding Humans
Over time, I felt that I needed a modality that would allow me to support the animal guardians on their life path. Yes, our animals are aligned with us to grow us and mirror certain aspects back to us – opportunities for personal growth. But what I also kept feeling is that we give them back freedom the moment we take our soul’s evolution into our own hands. That way, we allow our animals and their souls to grow alongside us and not be the sole catalyst for our change. The Gene Keys are this modality for me, as they can guide us with such clarity into our shadow patterns and beyond.

I understand and embody the pressure of this world. Having spent 15 years in corporate and leadership roles, I understand what it means to work with (unreasonable) deadlines, control, profit-driven decisions, immense stress and fear. My chronic migraine has been a strong ally on this path. I enjoyed my time in this world, until I didn’t.

I am a living proof that you can shape your life into its finest composition with an open heart and a bit of courage to swim against the stream. Until you can start to relax into this life with trust, grace and curiosity.
I have arrived again in MY life, a life I am consciously designing and choosing every day.

The Gene Keys, amongst other teachings, have been an immense pillar on my path here on Earth.
I feel honored to offer guidance to any human wishing to step into their full potential and to be at ease with life.
Be it with your animal on your side as a co-teacher – or without.

Sessions are available in English and German (online). I am in Germany approximately twice a year for in-person workshops & individual sessions.

Much Love