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Antoneta Komarica

Dream Arc Enthusiast, GK profile, Golden path

Dream Arc Enthusiast, GK profile, Golden Path

Artist, creative explorer, Shiatsu practitioner, dancer, kindergarten teacher, professor of sociology and Croatian culture, river soul, mother of two beautiful daughters, married to my soulmate and best friend.
I live in the city of Zagreb in Croatia, Europe.

I am deeply and with great joy immersed in Gene Keys contemplations.
I am deeply touched and inspired by Richard Rudd’s language of light, contemplations, and messages. I feel so much gratitude for the Gene Keys community and spiritual friendships.
My deep call within is to support myself and others in creating safe space for emotional and creative expression and self-inquiry.

In the past, I’ve been working as a drama workshop leader for children and Shiatsu practitioner. As a young mother, I’ve created an early childhood programme “Joyful Parenthood”. I have studied many systems and learned from wisdom teachers, immersing myself in the experience. Art therapy, Inner child meditations, Family constellations, Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Shiatsu, Do In, Yoga, Zen tarot, Natural birth, 5Rhythms, I AM Wisdom, Law of attraction, Gene Keys, I Ching, Animal wisdom, Sabian symbols, Evolutionary astrology, Human design.

For the last ten years I am working in the kindergarten, sharing my finest and most valuable experiences and knowledge with children and, from that experience, I’ve created a project “Kindergarten full of feelings and emotions”. It contains: Breathing and relaxation exercises, Travel into imagination, Singing, Storytelling, Poetry, Contemplations with children, Mindfulness games, Dance and somatic awareness exercises, Nature wisdom, Physics – secrets for life. I am in the process of creating a contemplative story, a book for children “Anabela and Iva – journey into other worlds.”

I love singing and dancing, listening to birds, swimming, and sitting at the riverbank, observing and contemplating in nature, creating rituals.
I feel blessed and enriched with Dream Arc wisdom and guidance.